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Fritz Enterprises, Inc.

  1. Name of the facility:
    Fritz Enterprises, Inc.
  2. Location:
    255 Marion Street, River Rouge, MI
  3. Distance from the US/Canada border:
    about 1 Km
  4. Type/size of the facility:
    proposed installation and operation of an iron foundry cupola 
  5. Source of emissions:
    iron cupola 
  6. Type of fuel:
  7. Type and quantity of emission increases and emission control technology:
    Pollutant Limit Method of Control
    CO 72.6 lb/hr (based on a 2.9 lb per ton of iron processed emission factor) Afterburner
    NOx 11.0 lb/hr (based on a 0.44 lb per ton of iron processed emission factor) 0.44 lb per ton of iron
    SO2 21.0 lb/hr Lime injection
    SO2 300 ppmv, corrected to 50% excess air Lime injection
    PM10 0.007 gr/dscf Afterburner, spark arrestor and baghouse
    PM10 2.5 lb/hr Spark arrestor and baghouse
    VOC 19.7 tpy Afterburner
    Mercury 0.0153 tpy scrap management plan
    Lead 0.292 tpy Spark arrestor and baghouse
    Manganese 0.00726 lb/hr Spark arrestor and baghouse

  8. Emission control technology
    see table above
  9. Date permit application received:
    August 15, 2008
  10. Stack height and diameter:
    stack= minimum height above ground level: 60 ft; 
    maximum diameter: 60 in
  11. Permit agency's contact name, address, telephone number:
    Nick Zabrodsky
    Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, 
    Air Quality Division, 
    Constitution Hall 
    525 West Allegan Street
    PO Box 30260
    Lansing, MI, 48909 - 7760
    Tel. 517-373-4921

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