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Erie Renewable Energy - Port Erie Power

  1. Name of the facility:
    Erie Renewable Energy - Port Erie Power
  2. Location:
    East 12th Street and Downing Avenue, City of Erie,
    Erie County, Pennsylvania 
  3. Distance from the US/Canada border:
    40 kilometers
  4. Type/size of the facility:
    100 gross MW, independent power producer 
  5. Source of emissions:
    2 circulating fluidized bed boilers 
  6. Type of fuel:
    Tire derived fuel 
  7. Type and quantity of emission increases:
    NOx = 354.12 tons per year
    SO2 = 179.36 tons per year
    Particulate Matter = 229.95 tons per year
    CO = 689.85 tons per year
    VOCs = 27.59 tons per year
    Lead = 65.31 pounds per year
    Sulfuric Acid Mist = 10.12 tons per year
    HCl = 13.8 tons per year Y.
  8. Emission control technology
    Regenerative Selective Catalytic Reduction System
    Pulse Jet Baghouse
    Turbosorp scrubbing system
    Limestone addition to the circulating bed 	
  9. Date permit application received:
    December 6, 2007
  10. Stack height and diameter:
    300 feet high, 8.5 feet
  11. Permit agency's contact name, address, telephone number:
    George A. Monasky, P.E.
    Chief, New Source Review Section
    Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection
    Northwest Regional Office - Air Quality
    230 Chestnut Street
    Meadville, PA  16335 

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