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Sunoco, Inc.

  1. Name of the facility:
    Sunoco, Inc.
  2. Location:
    1819 Woodville Road, Oregon, OH 43616
  3. Distance from the US/Canada border:
    Approximately 50 km
  4. Type/size of the facility:
    Petroleum Refinery - 125,000 barrels per day after 
    the proposed expansion
  5. Source of emissions:
    FCCU, SRU, flare, fugitive equipment leaks, cooling 
    towers, fuel gas combustion, storage tanks, load racks
  6. Type of fuel:
    Refinery fuel gas, oil and natural gas
  7. Type/quantity of mass emission rates
    Project total emissions increase/decrease, tons/yr
    CO 471.56 NOx -418.60 PM10 111.58 SO2 -8,331.56 VOC 50.97 H2SO4 -46.35 Ammonia 107.92
    Net Emissions of CO, PM10 and VOC (including contemporaneous emissions increase/decrease), tons/yr
    CO 366.63 PM10 82.94 VOC 30.65
    CO & PM10 emissions are subject to PSD review. Facility netted out of VOC nonattainment new source review.
  8. Emission control technology
    SRU with tail gas treater & incinerator; wet scrubber, 
    SCR and CO boilers for control of FCCU emissions; refinery 
    flare; drift elimintaor on new cooling tower; and, ultra-low 
    NOx burners on CO boilers 
  9. Date permit application received:
    April 25, 2006
  10. Stack height and diameter:
    FCCU/CO Boiler scrubber stack: height 199 ft, diameter 10 ft
    SRU1: height 150 ft, diameter 3.6 ft
    SRU2: height 150 ft, diameter 2.5 ft
    Plant 4 flare: height 250 ft, diameter 3 ft
    New cooling tower: 6 egress points with height 43 ft, diameter 16ft
  11. Permit agency's contact name, address, telephone number:
    Mike Hopkins
    Ohio Environmental Protection Agency
    Lazarus Government Center
    122 S. Front Street
    Columbus, OH 43215
    (614) 644-3611

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