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Detroit Edison Company

  1. Name of the facility:
      Detroit Edison Company

  2. Location:
      3500 Front Street, Monroe, MI

  3. Distance from the US/Canada border:
      about 40 km

  4. Type/size of the facility:
      coal fired power plant; proposed project - to upgrade the existing low-NOx burners on Boiler #4; electrical output 787 MWatts

  5. Source of emissions:
      coal-fired boiler

  6. Type of fuel:
      pulverized coal, oil

  7. Type/quantity of mass emission rates
      NOx and CO over 100 TPY, SO2 (1.6 lb/ MMBTU), PM (0.12 LB/1,000LB at 50%air excess)

  8. Emission control technology
      electrostatic precipitator, selective catalytic reduction system, low NOx burners

  9. Date permit application received:

  10. Stack height and diameter:
      The stacks' minimum heights above ground level and maximum diameters are in concordance with 40 CFR 52.21 Subparts (c) and (d) (maximum diameter is 336 in and minimum height 805 ft)

  11. Permit agency's contact name, address, telephone number:
      Lori Myott
      Michigan Department of Environmental Quality,
      Air Quality Division,
      Constitution Hall,
      525 West Allegan Street
      PO Box 30260
      Lansing, MI, 48909 - 7760
      Tel. 517 373 - 7082



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