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Sumas Energy 2

  1. Name of the facility:
      Sumas Energy 2

  2. Location:
      City of Sumas, Whatcom County, Washington, USA

  3. Distance from the US/Canada border:
      0.5 miles

  4. Type/size of the facility:
      National Energy Systems Company (NESCO) is to construct a 660 MW natural gas fired combined cycle power plant.

  5. Source of emissions:
      Two combustion turbines

  6. Type of fuel:
      Primary - natural gas

  7. Type/quantity of mass emission rates &
  8. Emission control technology
      The two new turbines' maximum permitted potential to emit (8760 hours / yr) considering controls:

      (tons / yr)
      Emission Control Technology
      PM10209Good combustion practices & pipeline natural gas
      SO269Good combustion practices & pipeline natural gas
      NOx144.5Dry low NOx burners & SCR
      VOC76.7Good combustion practices, pipeline natural gas & oxidation catalyst
      CO88Oxidation catalyst
      H2SO414.3Good combustion practices & pipeline natural gas
      NH3139SCR with ammonia slip limit of 5 ppm.

  9. Date permit application received:
      On October 17, 2005, NESCO requested an extension of the October 17, 2004 PSD permit. The existing permit expires if construction of the facility does not begin before April 17, 2006. The application, if approved, would extend the time period during which construction may begin to October 17, 2007. Prior to acting upon the application, EFSEC must first solicit public comment. The public comment period for a proposed action is estimated to begin January 15, 2006.

  10. Stack height and diameter:
      Stack 1:
      Height: 125 feet
      Diameter: 20.5 feet

      Stack 2:
      Height: 125 feet
      Diameter: 20.5 feet

  11. Permit agency's contact name, address, telephone number:
      State of Washington Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council
      Attn: Irina Makarow
      P.O. Box 43172
      Olympia, WA 98504-3172
      Phone: 360.956.2047

      For additional information, please see http://www.efsec.wa.gov/sumas2.html



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