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Detroit Thermal, LLC

1. Name of the facility
Detroit Thermal, LLC

2. Location
541 Madison Avenue, Detroit, Michigan

3. Distance from the US/Canada border
approximative 5 km

4. Type/size of the facility
installation of 3 new package boilers

5. Source of emissions
natural gas and/or No 2 oil fired boilers

6. Type of fuel
natural gas and/or No 2 oil

7. Type/quantity of emissions
• NOx: 76.4 lb/hour; 0.036 lb/MMBTU if uses natural gas; 0.140 lb/MMBTU if uses oil
• CO: 84.6 lb/hour; 0.073 lb/MMBTU if uses natural gas; 0.155 lb/MMBTU if uses oil
• PM 10: 21.8 lb/hour; 0.007 lb/MMBTU if uses natural gas; 0.04 lb/MMBTU if uses oil
• SO2: 39 tpy

8. Emission control technology
low-NOx burners, state of the art combustion practices, use of natural gas (low sulfur fuel) with a limit of sulfur not higher than 0.3% by weight

9. Date permit application received

10. Stack height and diameter
each stack has a maximum diameter of 120 in, and a minimum height of 250 in.

11.Permit agency’s contact name, address, telephone number

John Vial
Michigan Department of Environmental Quality,
Air Quality Division,
Constitution Hall
525 West Allegan Street
Lansing, MI, 48909

Tel. 517 241 - 7468



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