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US/Canada Air Quality Agreement - Permitting Information

  1. Name of facility :
      North Star Steel BHP Steel, LTD

  2. Location:
      6767 County Road 9
      P.O. Box 128
      Delta, Ohio 43515

  3. Distance from U.S./Canada border:
      Approximately 85 km

  4. Type and size of Facility:
      2.25 Million TPY Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) Steel Mill

  5. Source of Emissions:
      Laddle Mettalurgy Furnace
      Tunnel Furnace
      Hot Rolling Finish Mill
      Ladle Preheater
      Ladle Dryer
      Tundish Preheater
      Tundish Dryer
      Continuous Caster
      EAF Dust Handling System
      Limestone and Carbon Silos
      Plant Roadways and Parking Areas

  6. Type of fuel:
      Electricity, Natural Gas

  7. Type and quantity of emissions:
    Pollutant Emissions (TPY):
    PM 181.08
    PM10 140.64
    SO2 281.97
    VOC 398.47
    NOx 827.57
    CO 9062.85
    Pb 1.99
    Mg 2.79
    Mn 3.69
    Zn 24.63
    Hg 0.26

  8. Emission control technology:

  9. Date permit application received - Ongoing

  10. Stack height and diameter - ???

  11. Permitting Authority:
      Ohio Environmental Pollution Control Agency
      Division of Air Pollution
      Lazarus Government Center
      122 S. Front Street
      Columbus, OH      43215


Data entered : 08-16-2000

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