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US/Canada Air Quality Agreement - Permitting Information

  1. Name of facility :
      Heritage Station

  2. Location:
      Scriba, New York. In Oswego County. The site is bounded by Lake Ontario and the Independence Park by Route 1A.

  3. Distance from U.S./Canada border:
      Less than 100km

  4. Type and size of Facility:
      800 MW natural gas-fired combined cycle electric generating facility.

  5. Source of Emissions:
      Turbines, auxiliary boiler and emergency diesel generator, cooling towers.

  6. Type of fuel:
      Natural Gas

  7. Type and quantity of emissions:
    Potential Maximum Annual Emission (tons per year):
    NOx 202
    VOC 37
    CO 372
    PM/PM10 211 (includes 8.5 tpy from cooling tower drift)
    SO2 55
    H2SO4 8.4
    Other PSD pollutants           - None expected (includes lead, vinyl chloride, asbestos, fluorides, hydrogen sulfide, total reduced sulfur and reduced sulfur compounds).

  8. Emission control technology:
      BACT and LAER will be used as appropriate. This will include the use of dry low NOx (DLN) and SCR for NOx.
        LAER for NOx = 2ppm
        BACT for SO2, CO and PM10 = Good Combustion Technology

  9. Date permit application received - 2/23/00

  10. Stack height and diameter - 68.6m/5.94m

  11. Permitting Authority:
      Mr. Robert Ewing
      N.Y.S. Dept. Environmental Conservation
      Division of Environmental Permits
      50 Wolf Road, Rm 538
      Albany, N.Y. 12233
      Tel: (518) 457-2224

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