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US/Canada Air Quality Agreement - Permitting Information

1. Facility Information: Sumas Energy 2, Inc.

2. Location: City of Sumas, Whatcom County, Washington, USA

3. Distance from U.S./Canada border: 0.5 mile

4. Type and size of Facility: 710 MW combined cycle power plant

5. Source of Emissions: Natural gas fired turbines

6. Type of fuel: Natural gas

Pollutant 7. Type and Quantity of Emissions 8. Emission Control Technology
Tons per year @ expected permit level Pounds per hour In addition to good combustion practice
NOx 341 78 Low NOx burners with selective catalytic reduction (SCR)
CO 92 184 @ part load Catalytic oxidation
PM10 179 42 Pipeline natural gas
SO2 12 2.8 Pipeline natural gas
O3 (VOC) 53 76 @ part load Pipeline natural gas
Pb 0.35 0.16 Pipeline natural gas
Fluoride None None Pipeline natural gas
H2SO4 Mist 3 1.4 Pipeline natural gas
Ammonia 64 280 SCR operation control
Hazardous and toxic air pollutants ex. NH3 3.9 17 Pipeline natural gas

9. Application Received: Submitted to EFSEC approx. January 4, 1999. Forwarded to Ecology AQP early February. Preliminary review deemed application incomplete (February 17, 1999) due to incomplete RACT analysis. Applicant in process of submitting required supplementary material.

10. Stack: height: 125 feet diameter: 20.5 feet

11. Permitting Authority:

Washington Department of Ecology Air Quality Program Engineering and Technical Services
P.O. Box 47600 Olympia, WA, 98504-7600
Ph: 360 407 6802
Contact: Bernard Brady

Data entered : 03-12-99

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