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US/Canada Air Quality Agreement - Permitting Information

  1. Facility Information :
      Rotaforge, Inc. (new facility)

  2. Location:
      4350 Navarre Avenue
      Oregon, Ohio 43616

  3. Distance from U.S./Canada border:
      Approximately 45 km

  4. Type and size of Facility:
      Steel Mill and Forging Operation with a capacity to produce or process 300,000 tons of steel per year.

  5. Source of Emissions:
      Electric Arc Furnace
      Ladle Metallurgy Facility
      Miscellaneous Melt Shop Operations
      Continuous Caster
      Re-Heat Furnace
      Forging Operations
      Heat Treatment Furnaces

  6. Type of fuel:
      Natural Gas

  7. Type/Qty of emissions:
      CO 631.29 tpy
      NOx 404.42 tpy
      PM   83.69 tpy
      PM10   68.69 tpy
      SO2   31.49 tpy
      VOC   60.79 tpy
      Lead   0.1 tpy

  8. Emission Control Technology:
      Under negotiations with Region 5 of the USEPA
      Proposed by Source: PM10
      Direct Evacuation Canopy Hood to Baghouse
      NOx  Low NOx Burners
      CO    Direct Evacuation Canopy Hood (H20 Cooled Duct)
      VOC  Scrap Management

  9. Application Received:
      December 03, 1998

  10. Stack:

  11. Permitting Authority:
      Ohio Environmental Protection Agency
      Division of Air Pollution Control, Attn: Misty Parsons
      Lazarus Government Center
      P.O. 1049
      Columbus, OH 43216-1049
Data entered : 01-20-99

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