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US/Canada Air Quality Agreement - Permitting Information

  1. Facility Information :
      Chrysler Corporation - Jefferson North Assembly Plant (JNAP)

  2. Location:
      2101 Conner Avenue
      Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan

  3. Distance from U.S./Canada border:
      Approximately 3 km

  4. Type and size of Facility:
      Frame, Body and Paint Operations at the Chrysler JNAP

  5. Source of Emissions:
      The permit is for increasing emissions at the sealer/adhesive line due to the addition of another topcoat line about one year ago.

  6. Type of fuel:

  7. Type/Qty of emissions:
      VOC 65.0 tpy

  8. Emission Control Technology:
      Thermal Oxidizers, sealer technology, applicator technology

  9. Application Received:
      October 21, 1998

  10. Stack:
      Greater than or equal to 69 feet

  11. Permitting Authority:
      Michigan Department of Environmental Quality Air Quality Division
      PO Box 30260
      Lansing, MI 48909
      Internet: http://www.deq.state.mi.us/aqd
Data entered : 11-4-98

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