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US/Canada Air Quality Agreement - Permitting Information

  1. Name of the facility:
      El Paso Merchant Energy Company

  2. Location:
      Arkona Road, East 2/3 of South 1/2, Section 30, T4S, R7E, Augusta Township, Washtenaw County, Michigan

  3. Distance from the US/Canada border:
      approximative 60 kilometers

  4. Type/size of the facility:
      new electric power generation facility

  5. Source of emissions:
      three combustion turbines (170 MW each)

  6. Type of fuel:
      natural gas

  7. Type/quantity of emissions:
    • NOx: 773.2 tons per year (tpy)
    • CO: 388.6 tpy
    • VOC: 37.9 tpy
    • PM 10: 240.9 tpy
    • SO2: 97.4 tpy
    • formaldehyde: 3 tpy
    • total HAPs: 9.7 tpy

  8. Emission control technology:
    • for NOx control: dry low-NOx burners, and an emission limit of 9 parts per million by volume at 15% oxygen and on a dry gas basis (ppmvd)
    • for CO control: proper and efficient combustion practices (good mixing of fuel and combustion air), and a limit of 7.9 ppmvd
    • for PM10 control: efficient combustion practices along with the use of natural gas, and a limit of 18.4 pounds per hour for each turbine
    • for SO2 and sulfuric acid mist: use of natural gas (low sulfur fuel), with a limit of sulfur not higher than 0.015 grains sulfur per standard cubic foot of natural gas
    • for VOC control: a limit of 37.9 tons per 12-month rolling time period

  9. Date permit application received:

  10. Stack height and diameter:
      each turbine has a maximum diameter of 240 in, and a minimum height of 75 in.

  11. Permit agency's contact name, address, telephone number:
      Lori L. Peacock
      Michigan Department of Environmental Quality,
      Air Quality Division,
      Hollister Building,
      106 West Allegan Street
      Lansing, MI, 48909

      Tel. 517 373- 7082



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