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V_Constr, V_Destr, V_SetName, V_GetName, V_GetDim, V_SetCmp, V_SetAllCmp, V_SetRndCmp, V_GetCmp, V_AddCmp, V__SetCmp, V__GetCmp, V__AddCmp, V_Lock, V_Unlock -- type Vector


#include <laspack/vector.h>

typedef double Real; 

typedef enum { 
} InstanceType; 

void V_Constr(Vector *V, char *Name, size_t Dim, InstanceType Instance,
              Boolean OwnData); 
void V_Destr(Vector *V); 
void V_SetName(Vector *V, char *Name); 
char *V_GetName(Vector *V); 
size_t V_GetDim(Vector *V); 
void V_SetCmp(Vector *V, size_t Ind, Real Val); 
void V_SetAllCmp(Vector *V, Real Val); 
void V_SetRndCmp(Vector *V, Real Val); 
Real V_GetCmp(Vector *V, size_t Ind); 
void V_AddCmp(Vector *V, size_t Ind, Real Val); 
void V__SetCmp(Vector *V, size_t Ind, Real Val); 
Real V__GetCmp(Vector *V, size_t Ind); 
void V__AddCmp(Vector *V, size_t Ind, Real Val); 
void V_Lock(Vector *V); 
void V_Unlock(Vector *V);


The procedure V_Constr is the constructor of the type Vector. It creates and initializes a new variable of this type directed by the parameter V. As symbolic name, the string Name is used. The dimensions of the vector are defined by Dim. For vectors used in application codes, one should always use the parameters Instance = Normal and OwnData = True. In this case, V_Constr allocates memory for vector components. Other parameter combinations for Instance and OwnData are intended for internal usage by LASPack .

The procedure V_Destr is the destructor of type Vector. It releases memory of vector components.

The procedure V_SetName resets the symbolic name of the vector. This can be queried by the procedure V_GetName.

The procedure V_GetDim returns the dimension of the vector.

The procedure V_SetCmp assigns the value Val to the vector component with index Ind. The procedure V_SetAllCmp sets all components to the value Val. The procedure V_SetRndCmp initialize vector components to normalized random values (0 <= V[i] < 1). As random-number generator, the ANSI C function rand is used. The starting point can be specified by a call of function srand.

The procedure V_GetCmp returns the value of the vector component with index Ind.

The procedure V_AddCmp adds the value Val to the vector component with index Ind.

The procedures V__SetCmp, V__GetCmp and V__AddCmp have the same functionality as the routines V_SetCmp, V_GetCmp and V_AddCmp. They are designed as preprocessing macros and are thus essentially faster. Because no range check is made they should not be used in the test phase of application code.

In subroutines, the procedure V_Lock should be applied to all passed parameters of the type Vector. This ensures that, if they are of temporary kind, they are not released within any LASPack routine before the procedure is leaved. This should be carried out by a call of V_Unlock which have to be called at the end of the procedure.


vector.h ... header file
vector.c ... source file


The vector ( 1 2 3 4 5 )^T could be generated as follows:

Vector a;
size_t Ind;


V_Constr(&a, "a", 5, Normal, True);

for (Ind = 1; Ind <= 5; Ind++)
    V_SetCmp(&a, Ind, (double)Ind);      




rand(3C), srand(3C), operats(3LAS), errhandl(3LAS)

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