Compartment Chooser File Format

The Compartment chooser file allows you to automate the selection of Compartments from a Library into a Scenario. This file can be created from the Scenario window after you have set up a Scenario the first time.  This will make it easier to set up the Scenario again. It is best to select the Compartments that you wish to use in TRIM and allow TRIM to create this file for you.

The first line of the file must contain the keyword "version:" followed by the current version number. This is version 1 for this release.


The rest of the file consists of  sections which start with a Volume Element and are followed by Compartment names. To place Compartments that are in the Library into a specific Volume Element, first use the keyword "VolumeElement:" followed by the name of the Volume Element in the Scenario.


The use the "Compartment:" keyword followed by the names of the Compartments in the Library. You may list as many of these as you like after the Volume Element.

Compartment:Common Loon

To add to another Volume Element, add another section that starts with the Volume Element name and is followed by the Compartment names. 

NOTE: YOU MUST HAVE A RETURN AT THE END OF THE FILE FOR TRIM TO READ IT CORRECTLY. This means that after the last line, you must type a return before saving the file.

Below is a sample file.

Compartment:Common Loon
Compartment:Water Column Carnivore
Compartment:Water Column Herbivore
Compartment:Water Column Omnivore
Compartment:Benthic Carnivore
Compartment:Benthic Invertebrate
Compartment:Benthic Omnivore
CompositeCompartment:Deciduous Forest
Compartment:Red-tailed hawk
Compartment:Short-tailed Shrew
Compartment:Bald Eagle
Compartment:Tree swallow
Compartment:White-tailed Deer
Compartment:Long-tailed Weasel
Compartment:Black-capped Chickadee