The Legend explains which data sets the different lines and points on the plot refer to.

Legend Window


A value of Vertical means that the values in the Legend will be displayed in one column. A value of Horizontal means that the values will be in one row.

Background Color

This is the colors to place behind the Legend.

Number of Columns

This Option is only valid if the Vertical Orientation is selected. Enter an integer that is the number of columns you would like to see in the Legend.



The Legend can be placed on any of the four sides of the plot (right, left, top or bottom).  The default is the right margin area.


The horizontal and vertical alignment can vary between 0.0 and 1.0. They indicate where on the side of the plot the Legend should be drawn.  A horizontal value of 0.0 indicates the left side of the margin.  A vertical value of 0.0 indicates the bottom of the margin.



This is the relative size of the characters in the margin. A value if 1.0 is th default.  A value of 0.5 will make the text half as large. A value of 2.0 will make the text twice as large.

Horizontal Spacing

This is the amount of horizontal space between the words in the Legend.

Vertical Spacing

This is the amount of vertical space between the words in the Legend.