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This directory contains databases and other supporting software for method technology, not excluding additional software supporting other emission measurement issues. Examples include the Test Method Storage and Retrieval software, PC Nomograph program, manual emission testing cost model PC program, CEM cost estimation & methods spreadsheet programs.

From the listing below, find the file you would like to download. The available file formats are represented by icons on the right side of the listing. Click on the icon that represents the file format you wish to receive. For an explanation of file formats and their icons, see our TTNWeb File Types.

File Description

Posting Date

File Types

Read before downloading the following file. 12-1-92
     --- CEMS Performance Specification 2 - Program. 2-2-93
Read before downloading the Method 18 Selection Program. 9-20-96
     --- Air Emissions Test Method Selection System for EPA Method 18. 9-16-96
Method 26 Spreadsheet Program. 1-7-93
Electronic Stack Testing & Assessment Tool. 10-2005
Method 26A Spreadsheet Program. 1-7-93
Method 202 Spreadsheet Program. 3-5-97
Method 202 Spreadsheet Instructions. 3-5-97
Method 301 Spreadsheet Program. 1-5-93
Method 301 Spreadsheet Instructions. 1-5-93
Method 303 - Visible emissions from by-product coke batteries. 1-20-98
306A Chromium Calculation Program. 6-6-96
Read before downloading the TSAR Files Listed Below. 4-18-95
     --- TSAR Expanded Memory file(optional) 4-18-95
     --- TSAR Data files(required to run) 4-18-95
     --- TSAR Executable files(required to run) 4-18-95

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