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Economic Impact Analyses

OAQPS develops Economic Impact Analyses (EIAs) to support the development of national air pollution regulations. EIAs describe and quantify the reallocation of society's resources in response to a regulatory action. The most typical types of regulations for which EIAs are completed include industry or process-specific technology-based rules for one or more of the 189 designaed criteria pollutants (particulate matter, ozone, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, and lead).

EIAs generally contain an evaluation of the cost and economic impacts of a specific standard implemented by EPA. Behavioral models are employed to assess how producers and consumers respond to the cost of compliance requirements and a social cost estimate of the regulation is developed. Further details about economic impact analyses completed by AEG can be found in Chapters 5 and 6 of the OAPQS Economic Analysis Resource Document.

Below is a list of industries for which EIAs were developed. The EIAs are generally available in PDF format (unless otherwise noted) and can be downloaded by clicking on the links below.

Economic Impact Analyses


Solid Waste Landfill Industry - NAICS 562212  
Municipal Solid Waste Landfills Economic Impact Analysis for the Proposed New Subpart to the New Source Performance Standards 07-14
Gasoline Distribution Industry - NAICS 8422710, 48691, 484220, 484230, 447110, and 447190  
Gasoline Distribution Industry 01-08
Perchloroethylene Dry Cleaning - NAICS 812320, 812332  
Perchloroethylene Dry Cleaning 09-06
Economic Impact Analysis of the Halogenated Solvent Cleaning Residual Risk Standard 05-07
Stationary Combustion Turbines - many NAICS  
Stationary Combustion Turbines 08-06
Stationary Combustion Turbines 08-03
Boat Manufacturing - SIC 37; NAICS 336  
Boat Manufacturing 06-01
Chemical Manufacturing - SIC 28; NAICS 325
Architectural Coatings 07-98
Carbon Black 05-00
Cellulose 05-00
Chlorine 08-00
Cyanide 05-00
Flexible Polyurethane Foam 09-96
Hydrochloric Acid Production 02-03
Nitric Acid Manufacturing 11-12
Organic Liquid Distribution, Draft 10-03
Polyether Polyols Production 05-97
Polymers and Resins I  
Polymers and Resins IV ) 08-98
Reinforced Plastics 02-02
Electrical and Electronic Equipment/Industrial Machinery - SIC 36; NAICS 333  
Large Appliance Surface Coating 09-00
Electrical Equipment, Appliance, and Component Mfg. - SIC 33, 36; NAICS 335  
Miscellaneous Metal Parts and Products Surface Coating 08-03
Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing - SIC 34; NAICS 332  
Metal Can Surface Coating 07-03
Food and Kindred Products - SIC 20; NAICS 331  
Vegetable Oil Production 01-01
Furniture and Related Product Manufacturing - SIC 25; NAICS 337  
Metal Furniture Surface Coating  
Machinery Manufacturing - SIC 35; NAICS 333  
Metal Coil Surface Coating 10-99
Mining - SIC 10, 13; NAICS 211, 212  
Economic and Small Business Analysis � Revisions to the Nonmetallic Mineral Processing Plants (Subpart OOO) NSPS 05-09
Taconite Iron Ore Processing 08-03
Nonmetallic Mineral Product Manufacturing - SIC 32; NAICS 327  
Economic Impact Analysis of the Clay Ceramics Manufacturing NESHAP 09-15
Brick and Structural Clay Tile Products Manufacturing 02-03
Clay Ceramics 02-03
Lime Manufacturing 08-03
Refractories Manufacturing 02-03
Oil and Gas Extraction; Petroleum and Coal Products; Electric, Gas and Sanitary Services - SIC 13, 29, 49; NAICS 211, 213, 541, 324, 221, 486  
Oil and Natural Gas Production, Appendicies 05-99
Petroleum and Coal Products Manufacturing - SIC 29; NAICS 324  
Economic Impact and Small Business Analysis for Petroleum Refinery NESHAP �� Heat Exchange Systems 12-09
Asphalt Roofing and Processing 02-03
Petroleum Refineries 02-97
Plastics and Rubber Products Manufacturing - SIC 30, 26, 39; NAICS 326  
Surface Coating of Plastic Parts 08-03
Primary Metal Industries - SIC 33; NAICS 331  
Economic Impact Analysis (EIA) for the Manganese Ferroalloys RTR 06-15
Economic Impact Analysis (EIA) for the Manganese Ferroalloys RTR Supplemental Proposal 09-14
Integrated Iron and Steel Manufacturing 08-02
Iron Foundries 08-03
Primary Copper Smelting 08-01
Primary Metal Products - SIC 33; NAICS 331  
Coke Ovens 08-02
Pulp and Paper - NAICS 322  
Economic Impact Analysis Final Revisions to the National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants Subpart S (MACT I and MACT III) for the Pulp and Paper Industry 12-2012
Stone, Clay, Glass and Concrete Products - SIC 32; NAICS 327, 336  
Portland Cement Manufacturing 03-99
Textile Mills - SIC 22; NAICS 313  
Fabric Coating, Printing, Slashing, Dyeing, and Finishing 02-03
Reciprocating Internal Combustion Turbines 06-01
Wood Product Manufacturing - SIC 24; NAICS 337, 321  
Plywood and Composite Wood Products 11-02
Wood Building Products 01-03
Waste Management and Remediation Services - SIC 49; NAICS 562  
Supplemental to Municipal Solid Waste 12-02
Off-Site Waste and Recovery Operations 03-96
Proposed Commercial and Industrial Solid Waste Incinerators 11-99
Site Remediation 09-01
Miscellaneous Organic NESHAP - Coatings 08-03
Economic Analysis of Air Pollution Regulations: Portland Cement 07-07
Revisions to the Economic Impacts and Burden Estimates for the Rule Titled: Review of New Sources and Modifications in Indian Country 06-13
Economic Impact and Small Business Analysis –Mineral Wool and Wool Fiberglass RTRs and Wool Fiberglass Area Source NESHAP 07-15

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