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EMPAX-CGE is a regional CGE economic model designed to estimate regional macroeconomic impacts of environmental regulations on the U.S. economy. Many major regulations directly affect a large number of industries and/or substantially impact markets for key factors of production. In either case, there may be substantial indirect impacts resulting from changes in production, input use, income, and consumption patterns for directly affected markets. EMPAX-CGE offers the ability to trace economic impacts resulting from policies such as large-scale environmental regulations as the impacts are transmitted throughout the economy. This type of model provides critical insight to policymakers evaluating the magnitude and distribution of costs associated with environmental policies.

On this page EPA provides the source code for the model and a brief discussion of construction of EMPAX-CGE data files. EPA will not be able to provide any support for any use of the model.

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EMPAX-CGE Souce Code
Construction of EMPAX-CGE Data Files
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