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Air Emissions Factors and Quantification

SPECIATE Version 3.2

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SPECIATE 4.0 was released January 17, 2007. It superscedes all previous versions of the software. Version 3.2 will remain on the EPA website for your convenience.

November 2002: SPECIATE is EPA's repository of Total Organic Compound (TOC) and Particulate Matter (PM) speciated profiles for a variety of sources for use in source apportionment studies. This release of SPECIATE no longer contains profiles assigned to SCC's. Instead, searching for profiles by keyword has been improved and of course the user can still browse through the profiles. Some additional improvements have been made to the interface, and some minor bugs associated with the export feature have been fixed. No new profiles have been added to SPECIATE since the previous release in October, 1999.

An expert panel of potential SPECIATE users and data suppliers was convened at the October 2002 American Association for Aerosol Research (AAAR) Conference in Charlotte, NC to re-evaluate speciation needs. The minutes and recommendations from the meeting and a bibliography of potential journal articles containing newer profile data are in a table below.

SPECIATE 3.2 is a 32-bit program that can run under Windows 95/98 or Windows NT. The single file install version EXE file is a self-extracting 2.8 MB file.

Description of SPECIATE Program Description Notes (TXT 2K)
Release Notes for SPECIATE Version 3.2 Release Notes (TXT 18K)
Intro and User's Guide for SPECIATE Version 3.2 Text Manual (TXT 11K)
Data Dictionary for SPECIATE 3.2 Lotus Workbook (WK4 14K)

SPECIATE 3.2 - Installation spec32.exe (EXE 2.8M)
Installation instructions: Download the spec32.exe file (3M) to a temporary folder on your computer. Locate the spec32.exe file in your temporary folder, and start the installation by double clicking the spec32.exe file. The spec32.exe file is a self-extracting installation program which will install and configure the SPECIATE Software and data on your computer. Reboot your system and run the SPECIATE program.

AAAR Minutes and Recommendations for SPECIATE - October 2002
Panel_Minutes.zip - (ZIP 145K) - This file contains the minutes from the Charlotte meeting, along with three attachments: a paper by Watson and Chow describing Considerations for a re-design of Speciate; a paper by Smith identifying three Issues needing resolution for PM profile development; and a paper by Coulter describing profile potential Normalization schemes. Also included are the Draft Speciate Redesign and Draft profile development Guidance Issues papers as they were presented to the panel members prior to the meeting.
LitSearch_Summary_APPLICABLE.zip - (ZIP 327K) - This file contains a bibliographic listing ("References_applic.doc") of 98 journal articles published since 1990 identified as containing potentially useful speciation profile data that is not currently in SPECIATE. A one-page synopsis of the types of data included in each article is also included.
LitSearch_Summary_INAPPL.zip - (ZIP 70K) This file contains a bibliographic listing ("References_INAPPL.doc") of 67 journal articles published since 1990 that were reviewed but were not felt to contain the types of information needed for SPECIATE or only contained data that is already in SPECIATE. A one-page synopsis of the types of data included in 21 of the 67 articles is also included.
"Updates and Improvements to the SPECIATE Data and Program" - (PDF 170K) A poster session paper prepared by PES for the April 2003 Emission Inventory Conference in San Diego summarizes the Panel discussions and the literature search results.

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