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Locating & Estimating (L&E) Documents

This report series, titled Locating and Estimating Air Toxic Emissions from Sources of (source category or substance) characterizes the source categories for which emissions of a toxic substance have been identified. These volumes include general descriptions of the emitting processes, identifying potential release points and emission factors. AP 42, Compilation of Air Pollutant Emission Factors and the WebFIRE database should be checked for more current emission factors.

Explanation of File Formats

EPA Document Number Source/Substance File Format/Size
450/4-84-007a Acrylonitrile (PDF 291K)
454/R-98-013 Arsenic (PDF 2.4M)
454/R-98-011 Benzene - part 1
Benzene - part 2
(PDF 5.6M)
(PDF 3.5M)
454/R-96-008 1,3-Butadiene (PDF 2.3M)
454/R-93-040 Cadmium (PDF 1.8M)
450/4-84-007b Carbon Tetrachloride (PDF 476K)
454/R-93-044 Chlorobenzenes (PDF 1.2M)
450/4-84-007c Chloroform (PDF 431K)
450/4-84-007g Chromium (PDF 900K)
450/2-89-002 Chromium (Supplement) (PDF 221K)
454/R-93-041 Cyanide (PDF 506K)
454/R-97-003 Dioxins and Furans (PDF 1.6M)
450/4-84-007j Epichlorohydrin (PDF 221K)
450/4-84-007d Ethylene Dichloride (PDF 362K)
450/4-84-007l Ethylene Oxide (PDF 314K)
450/4-91-012 Formaldehyde (PDF 561K)
454/R-98-006 Lead (PDF 2.4M)
454/R-97-012 Mercury (PDF 1.5M)
454/R-93-045 Methyl Chloroform (PDF 663K)
454/R-93-046 Methyl Ethyl Ketone (PDF 1.1M)
454/R-93-006 Methylene Chloride (PDF 1.7M)
450/4-84-007f Nickel (PDF 695K)
450/2-89-013 Perchloroethylene and Trichloroethylene (PDF 433K)
450/4-84-007i Phosgene (PDF 259K)
454/R-98-014 Polycyclic Organic Matter-Part 1
Polycyclic Organic Matter-Part 2
(PDF 2.4M)
(PDF 1.8M)
454/R-93-011 Styrene (PDF 1M)
454/R-93-047 Toluene (PDF 1.3M)
450/4-84-007k Vinylidene Chloride (PDF 332K)
454/R-93-048 Xylene (PDF 1.4M)

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