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Emissions Factors Improvement Projects

Emissions Factors Improvement Project Fact Finding Survey

In fiscal year 2003, OAQPS began a complete reevaluation of the emissions factors program to:

  • Identify ways to make the program more responsive to the broad and diverse range of the users of emissions factors;
  • Identify methods that would expand the capabilities for improving the number and quality of available emissions factors;
  • Identify and implement ways to improve and speed up the emissions factors development process;
  • Characterize the deficiencies of using emissions factors by quantifying the uncertainties associated with their varied uses; and
  • Provide users with alternative methods of quantifying emissions to reduce the levels of uncertainty and to increase the accountability of stakeholders.

In early 2004, the Measurement Policy Group (MPG) talked to 94 various emissions factors users and then held a series of four workshops with stakeholders to solicit their input on what is needed to update and improve the emissions factors program.

Initial Fact Finding Survey:
The June 2004 report Summary of Emissions Factors Improvement Project Fact Finding Survey: (1) outlines the information gathering process; (2) provides a summary of the findings; (3) presents the major conclusions from the survey; and (4) identifies stakeholders recommendations for next steps.

The draft Emissions Factors Program Improvement Efforts report (PDF 138K) documents MPG's workshop efforts. In addition, the report appendices include more detailed information on:

A.   Options papers provided to workshop attendees to facilitate developing recommendations for:
1. Assessing and Documenting the Quality of Source Tests (PDF 71K);
2. Assessing and Documenting the Quality of Emissions Factors (PDF 34K);
3. Automating Components of the Emissions Factors Development and Delivery Process (PDF 60K); and
4. Providing Guidance Regarding the Use of Emissions Factors for Purposes Other than Emissions Inventories (PDF 56K).
B.   Meeting minutes for the Emissions Factors Development Workshops:
Clearwater, FL (PDF 49K) June 8, 2004,
Washington, DC (PDF 430K) August 25, 2004
Washington, DC (PDF 1.3M) August 26, 2004, and
Research Triangle Park, NC (PDF 300K) November 8, 2004.
C.   Comments received from stakeholder participants of the workshops regarding the draft Emissions Factors Program Improvement Efforts report. (PDF 568K)

Products for Improving the Emissions Factors Development Process

Electronic Stack Testing and Assessment Product:
The Electronic Reporting Tool (ERT), a Microsoft Access desktop application, is an alternative to EPA's emissions measurement Methods 1 through 5 and Method 202 for stationary sources. The ERT replaces the time-intensive manual preparation and transcription of stationary source emissions test plans and reports currently performed by contractors for emissions sources and the time-intensive manual quality assurance evaluations and documentation performed by State agencies.

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