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AP 42 Section 15.3 Large Cartridges > 75 mm
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Supporting data for the emissions factors are summarized in the background report and are presented more completely in the zipped Microsoft ExcelŽ workbooks below. Each zipped file corresponds to a subsection in Section 15.3.

July 2009
Section 15.3.2, M374A2 81-mm High Explosive Cartridge
Section 15.3.4, M1 105-mm High Explosive Cartridge
Section 15.3.7, M831 120-mm Target Practice Tracer Cartridge
Section 15.3.8, M865 120-mm Target Practice Discarding Sabot Tracer Cartridge
Section 15.3.9, M830 120-mm High Explosive Anti-Tank Cartridge
Section 15.3.10, M57 120-mm High Explosive Cartridge
Section 15.3.17, M314 105-mm Illumination Cartridge
Section 15.3.22, M816 81-mm IR Illumination Cartridge
Section 15.3.25, M933 120-mm High-Explosive Cartridge
Section 15.3.26, M91 120-mm Illumination Cartridge
June 2008
Section 15.3.29, M819 81-mm Red Phosphorus Smoke Cartridge
ZIP 490K
November 2007
15.3.3 DODIC C379, M934 120-mm High Explosive Cartridge
15.3.5 DODIC C511, the M490 105-mm Target Practice-Tracer Cartridge
15.3.15 DODIC CA09, the M931 120-mm Full Range Practice Cartridge
ZIP 475K
15.3.1 C226, M301A3 81-mm Illuminating Cartridge ZIP 385K
15.3.5 DODIC C511, M490 105-mm Target Practice-Tracer Cartridge
15.3.7 DODIC C784, M831 120-mm Target Practice-Tracer Cartridge
15.3.8 DODIC C785, M865 120-mm TPCSDS-T Cartridge
ZIP 1.14M
15.3.11 C868, M821 81-mm High Explosive Cartridge ZIP 375K
15.3.12 C876, M880 81-mm Target Practice Short Range Cartridge ZIP 400K
15.3.13 C995, M136 AT4 Recoilless Rifle, 84-mm Cartridge ZIP 380K

AP 42 Emissions Factors by Chapter

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