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AP 42 Section 15.2 Medium Cartridges 30-75 mm
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Supporting data for the emissions factors are summarized in the background report and are presented more completely in the zipped Microsoft ExcelŽ workbooks below. Each zipped file corresponds to a subsection in Section 15.2.

July 2009
Section 15.2.13, M1001 40-mm High Velocity Canister Cartridge and Section 15.2.14, M769 60-mm Full Range Practice Cartridge
ZIP 920K
October 2008
Section 15.2.12, M888 60-mm High Explosive Cartridge (projectile only), and Section 15.2.15, M662 40-mm Red Star Parachute Cartridge
ZIP 430K
June 2008
Section, 15.2.1, M789 30-mm High Explosive Dual Purpose (HEDP) Cartridge (projectile only)
ZIP 430K
February 2008
Section, 15.2.8, B627, the M83A3 60-mm Illuminating Cartridge
Section, 15.2.11, B645, the M766 60-mm Short Range Practice Mortar Cartridge.
ZIP 1.40M
June 2007
15.2.3 B535, M583A1 40-mm White Star Parachute Cartridge
15.2.4 B536, M585 40-mm White Star Cluster Cartridge
15.2.10 DODIC, B642 M720 60-mm High Explosive Cartridge
15.2.2 B519, M781 40-mm Practice Cartridge ZIP 370K
15.2.5 B542, M430 40-mm High Explosive Dual Purpose Cartridge ZIP 385K
15.2.6 B571, M383 40-mm High Explosive Cartridge ZIP 420K
15.2.7 B584, M918 40-mm Practice Cartridge ZIP 380K
15.2.9 B632, M49A4 60-mm High Explosive Cartridge ZIP 380K

AP 42 Emissions Factors by Chapter

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