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Air Emissions Factors and Quantification

AP 42, Fifth Edition, Volume I
Chapter 12: Metallurgical Industry

  Chapter 12: Frequent Questions
12.0 Introduction to Metallurgical Industry
12.1 Primary Aluminum Production
  • Final Section - October 1998 (PDF 100K)
  • Errata
    In Table 12.1-2 the number under Prebake Aluminum Cells, Cumulative Emission Factor, Total was corrected to be 5.0 and not 2.5. Also the emissions factors and size distributions in the second and third columns for Prebake Aluminum Cells and HSS Aluminum Cells are fugitive emissions measured at the roof monitor. The emission factor and size distributions in the fourth column for HSS Reduction Cells is for primary emissions. In Table 12.1-3, the Source Classification Codes were added to the table.
  • Background Document (PDF 155K)
12.2 Coke Production
12.3 Primary Copper Smelting
12.4 Ferroalloy Production
12.5 Iron and Steel Production
12.5.1 Minimills
12.6 Primary Lead Smelting
12.7 Zinc Smelting
12.8 Secondary Aluminum Operations
12.9 Secondary Copper Smelting and Alloying
12.10 Gray Iron Foundries
12.11 Secondary Lead Processing
  • Final Section - October 1986 (PDF 137K)
  • Errata - September 21, 2010.
    Tables 12.11-3 and -4 were updated to include 1997 PDF comment regarding lead emission factor for sweating.
  • Background Document (PDF 200K)
12.12 Secondary Magnesium Smelting
12.13 Steel Foundries
12.14 Secondary Zinc Processing
12.15 Storage Battery Production
12.16 Lead Oxide and Pigment Production
12.17 Miscellaneous Lead Products
12.18 Leadbearing Ore Crushing and Grinding
12.19 Electric Arc Welding
  • Final Section - January 1995 (PDF 107K)
  • Errata - June 23, 2009
    Table 12.19-2 was corrected to add 'lb' to the HAP emission factor column heading.
  • Background Document (PDF 838K)
12.20 Electroplating
  • Final Section - Supplement B, July 1996 (PDF 221K)
  • Errata - April 2006
    Footnote "a" to Table 12.20-2 in the Electroplating AP-42 section was revised to reflect the correct conversion from grains/hr-ft^2 to mg/hr-m^2. The corrected conversion factor of 697 replaces the value of 0.7 that was in the footnote.
  • Background Document (PDF 612K)
Related Emission Factor Documents
Emission of Fume, Nitrogen Oxides and Noise in Plasma Cutting of Stainless and Mild Steel
  • Main Document - by Broman B. et al, The Swedish Institute of Production Engineering Research. SELECTED PAGES ONLY., March 1994 (PDF 695K)

AP 42 Emissions Factors by Chapter

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