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Air Emissions Factors and Quantification

AP 42 Section 2.2 Sewage Sludge Incineration
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The files contained in the file b02s02.zip (ZIP 353K) are all of the background and section files for AP 42 Section 2.2. Some of the files are used in the background document and the section. The file ssistat.wk4 includes information that is not available within the background report of section. The following descriptions of the files indicate what the files are and what the format of the files are:

b02s02.wpd This file is the background document for AP 42 Section 2.2, Sewage Sludge Incineration. It is in Word Perfect 6.1 format. It includes all of the tables. Individual Tables are also included in other files.
????.PCX PC PAINTBRUSH Graphics format files for the figures contained in the AP 42 Section 2.2.
c02s02.wp5 This is the text of AP 42 Section 2.2 in WordPerfect 5.1 format. It does include all of the figures and tables. All of these tables and figures are also included in separate files as well.
tbl4-*.wpd These files include all of the tables for the AP 42 background report. The files are all in Word Perfect 6.1 format.
ssistat.wk4 This is a Lotus Spreadsheet with statistical information included for pollutants and control devices where there was sufficient data to support these analysis.

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