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12/9/10 So much has happened since 6/7/06 - the last time this area was updated! I guess the biggest change is that in the 4+ years since this area has been updated the RBLC has been totally revised. However, if you were to compare the look of the old and new RBLC pages you may think nothing has been changed! (The first bullet below really says it all.) Here is a short list of the updates to the RBLC:

- The internal "behind the scenes" coding has been totally rewritten/revised.

- New data elements have been incorporated including:
  • Pollutant Testing information

  • Pollutant Notes field

  • Pollutant Groups

  • Enhanced Agency Contact Information

  • Ability to link directly to the permit within permitting agency's system

  • - Enhanced searching capabilities

    - System can now generate reports in Adobe Acrobat files (PDFs)

    - Increased search and report generation speed

    - Now includes information on Greenhouse Gasses

    - Revised/reprogrammed the RBLC Stand Alone Editor program

    - Permits are now accepted from Canada and Mexico

    Again, these are only some of the changes/updates. Please try the revised RACT/BACT/LAER Clearinghouse out and let us know what you think. Finally as always, if anyone has any questions or problems feel free to contact us. Thanks for visiting and using the RBLC! ENJOY!

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