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CICA, from the Center's Spanish name, Centro de Información sobre Contaminación de Aire, provides bilingual (Spanish and English) technical support and assistance in evaluating air pollution problems along the US-Mexico border.

The U.S. Mexico Environmental Program, Border 2012, is the result of the partership among federal, state, and local governments in the United States and Mexico, and with U.S. border tribes. Its mission is to protect the environment and public health in the U.S.-Mexico border region, consistent with the principles of sustainable development. The Border 2012 Web Site provides access to border program information (organization, workgroups, goals, history, accomplishments, etc), and border-related reports, documents, events, activities and Web links.

The Border Air Quality Data section of the CICA Web Site provides access to air quality monitoring data for the U.S.-Mexico border region. Users may review U.S. and Mexico ambient air quality stadards, and generate reports in which they can choose the format, specific geographical area(s), pollutant(s), year(s) of record, and other report parameters.

The Technical Resources section of the CICA Web Site provides access to technical documents, reports, guidelines and fact sheets on air pollution control technologies, ambient monitoring, and emission inventories. It also provides access to Spanish versions of ambient air quality models and support documentation.

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