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Technology Transfer Network - Air Toxics Web Site

Site Remediation NESHAP rule developement

Project Lead: Greg Nizich (nizich.greg@epa.gov)
(Docket# A-99-20)

Meeting Summaries and Materials

Agenda for 1/17/02 meeting with STAPPA/ALAPCO  
Agenda for 1/29/02 meeting with ASTSWMO  
Agenda for 11-7-00 stakeholder meeting  
Minutes for 11-7-00 stakeholder meeting  
Agenda for 2-15-01 stakeholder meeting.  
Minutes of 2-15-01 stakeholder meeting  
Minutes of 5-21-01 meeting with OSWER and the American Petroleum Institute  
Minutes of 6-6-01 meeting with OSWER and the American Chemistry Council  
Presentation of 12-06-01 to Air Force Materiel Command  

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