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SIC Codes of the Paper and Other Web Coating Industry

NOTE: A source list for the Paper and Other Web Coating Industry is not available. Provided below are the SIC codes associated with this source category. The information was taken from the Paper and Other Web Coating Operations - BID Document (EPA-453/R-00-002).

This file was modified on 1/21/03 to include NAICS Codes for corresponding industries in Table 2-2.


The POWC industry includes the manufacture of a wide range of products. Table 2-2 presents a listing of 18 Standard Industrial Classification codes (SIC) codes for industries that include products or processes that are likely to be manufactured or used, respectively, by the POWC industry. As shown in the table, the POWC industry is thought to encompass a large number of SIC codes. However, there may be facilities operating under other SIC codes not included in Table 2-2 that also apply coating to web substrates, such as paper, plastic, film, foil, and foam. In addition, all facilities operating under these SIC codes are not necessarily members of this source category; many of the 18 SIC codes cover only one or two products that are manufactured with web coating. Some of the 18 SIC codes include facilities that primarily print rather than coat the substrate, that may choose to cover their limited coating operations under the printing and publishing NESHAP. Consequently, while the list of SIC codes presented in Table 2-2 can serve as a guide to identifying many of the facilities in the POWC industry, it should not be used to completely define the industries subject to the POWC NESHAP.

Based on emissions estimates from the Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) system65 for these SIC's, the POWC data gathering efforts focused on the four largest segments of the POWC industry that were defined by their product and process types: pressure-sensitive tapes and labels (SIC 2672), flexible vinyl (SIC 3081), photographic film (SIC 3861), and decorative and industrial laminates (SIC 3083). Therefore, much of the information in this section focuses on these four industry segments. A fifth segment, called "Miscellaneous Coating," is also discussed that includes a number of industries that are identifiable as having some web coating operations associated with their product manufacturing, such as those facilities that do both printing and coating.

Within 1996 TRI data for the 18 POWC SIC's, the four major POWC SIC's (2672, 3081, 3861, 3083) had the greatest percentages of major source HAP emissions, and together represent 79 percent of the TRI emissions and 82 percent of the facilities (if the six Printing and Publishing SIC codes are excluded from the analysis).

Table 2-2. The 18 SIC Codes of the Paper and Other Web Coating Industry
(updated to include NAICS Codes 1/21/03)

SIC Code SIC Code Description NAICS Code NAICS Code Description
2653 Corrugated and solid fiber boxes 322211 Corrugated and solid fiber box manufacturing
2657 Folding paper board boxes, including sanitary 322212 Folding paperboard box manufacturing
2671 Packaging paper and plastics film, coated and laminated    
  Single-web paper, paper multiweb laminated rolls and sheets for packaging uses 322221 Coated and laminated packaging paper and plastics film manufacturing
  Plastics packaging film and sheet 326112 Unsupported plastics packaging film and sheet
2672 Coated and laminated paper, not elsewhere classified 322222 Coated and laminated paper manufacturing
2673 Plastics, foil, and coated paper bags    
2673 Except all plastics 322223 Plastics, foil, and coated paper bag manufacturing
2673 Plastic bags 326111 Unsupported plastic bag manufacturing
2674 Bags: uncoated paper and multiwall 322224 Uncoated paper and mulitwall bag manufacturing
2675 Die-cut paper and paperboard and cardboard    
  Pasted, lined, laminated, or surface-coated paperboard 322226 Surface-coated paperboard manufacturing
  Die-cut paper and paperboard products, except office supplies and pasted, lined, laminated, or surface-coated paperboard 322299 All other converted paper product manufacturing
2679 Converted paper and paper board, not elsewhere classified    
  Corrugated paper 322211 Corrugated and solid fiber box manufacturing
  Wallpaper and gift wrap paper 322222 Coated and laminated paper manufacturing
  Other converted paper and paperboard products, such as paper filters, crepe paper, and laminated and tiled wallboard 322299 All other converted paper product manufacturing
2754 Commercial printing, gravure 323111 Commercial gravure printing
3074 Plastic aseptic packaging    
3081 Unsupported plastics film and sheet 326113 Unsupported plastics film and sheet (except packaging) manufacturing
3083 Laminated plastics plate, sheet, and profile shapes 32613 Laminated plastics plate, sheet, and shape manufacturing
3291 Abrasive products (except steel wool with or without soap) 32791 Abrasive product manufacturing
3497 Laminated aluminum (metal) foil rolls/sheets for flexible packaging purposes 322225 Laminated aluminum foil manufacturing for flexible packaging uses
3861 Photographic film, paper, plates and chemicals 325992 Photographic film, paper, plate, and chemical manufacturing
3955 Carbon paper and inked ribbons 339944 Carbon paper and inked ribbon manufacturing
3996 Linoleum, asphalted-felt-base, and other hard surface floor coverings, not elsewhere classified 326192 Resilient floor covering manufacturing

Note: There are likely a number of facilities in each SIC that do not do coating and these 18 SIC's are not necessarily an exhaustive list of facilities that may do coating.

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