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Consolidated Emission Reporting Rule


Rule Information

Proposed and Promulgated Rules

Consolidated Emission Reporting Rule
Date Citation Action Description File Download
5/23/00 65 FR 33268 Proposed Rule Consolidated Emission Reporting Rule
6/20/03 68 FR 36982 Notice OMB Approvals-EPA ICR No. 0916.10; Final Consolidated Emissions Reporting Rule; was approved 05/23/2003; in 40 CFR 51.321, 51.322 and 51.323; OMB Number 2060-0088; expires 05/31/2006. The approval of this ICR activates the point source reporting requirements for PM2.5 and NH3 found in the Consolidated Emissions Reporting Rule Sec. 51.30(e) (67 FR 39602, June 10, 2002) and establishes the applicable reporting deadline. As a result of this action, States must commence reporting PM2.5 and NH3 emissions from point sources beginning with the 2002 inventory year with the report due on June 1, 2004.ated Emission Reporting Rule

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