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How To Get Involved

Schema Development and Outreach

During the development of WQX (for physical, chemical and fish tissue data), EPA held a series of regional outreach meetings in order to solicit the feedback of subject matter experts and users across the country. Regional STORET coordinators made it possible for these meetings to take place. The regional coordinator contact information as well as minutes for these meetings are available on the Future of STORET/ WQX Outreach page.

As EPA develops a WQX schema and process for accepting biological and habitat data, another series of outreach meetings will take place. Please return to this website for information about these meetings.

User Calls and the STORET Listserver

The STORET team encourages monthly participation on the STORET/ WQX user calls as well as involvement on the STORET listserver as a way to stay up to date on the status of WQX.

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