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STORET/WQX: Getting started with WQX Web

Getting started with WQX Web

WQX Web is a web-based application designed to assist smaller organizations with submitting data via WQX. WQX Web is a tool that converts text files (such as comma or tab-delimited files) into a valid WQX submission file (based on the WQX schema). WQX Web also interacts with the Central Data Exchange (CDX), which is the EPA's portal through which all environmental data is expected to flow. WQX Web is also a data conversion and validation tool, providing support for user-defined file formats and user-defined translations to WQX-compliant values for items like Characteristics, Taxonomic Names, Units of Measure, etc.

A WQX Web template is available to assist organizations with formatting their data for upload to WQX Web. Please see the WQX Web Resources page to access the template.

WQX Web is accessed through CDX Web. Users of WQX Web will always log in to CDX Web in order to access WQX Web.

For users already signed up, here are quick directions for accessing WQX Web now:

How to sign up to use WQX Web

This presentation can be referred to understand the process of WQX Web sign up.

Step 1: Request a WQX Web account and an WQX Organization ID

To begin the process of setting up your WQX Web account, please provide the following information in an email to the STORET Team. The STORET Team's email address is storet@epa.gov.

  • First name
  • Middle name
  • Last Name
  • Prefix (Mr./Mrs./Ms)
  • WQX Organization ID (see below for more information about WQX Organization IDs)
  • WQX Organization Name
  • Mailing Address 1
  • Mailing Address 2
  • City
  • State
  • Zip/Postal Code
  • E-mail Address
  • Phone Number

WQX Organization IDs

All Organizations submitting data through WQX Web will require a new WQX Organization ID that is unique from any previous STORET Org IDs. This ensures that users do not duplicate data already within an Organization in the STORET Warehouse when submitting data through WQX Web. EPA will work with users to assign new Org IDs. Options for new WQX Org ID's include:

  • Same Org ID as what is in STORET (if applicable) with "_WQX" at the end

  • Completely new WQX Org ID (If your organization has never had a STORET Org ID, then you will just create a new WQX Org ID)

For previous WebSIM users, the STORET team will automatically place new WQX Organization IDs in to WQX Web, and users will be able to begin submitting data under these new IDs. For example, if your ORG ID for WebSIM was "NLAKEORG", your new WQX Web ID will be "NLAKEORG_WQX", and you will begin submitting data under this new ID. Please note if you are a previous WebSIM user when requesting a new WQX Web account.

In order to set up a WQX Org ID, please contact the STORET help desk by email (storet@epa.gov). You will choose a WQX Org ID, and we will ask that you provide us with the following information in order to set up the Org ID:

  • WQX Org ID of your choice (can be up to 30 characters long)
  • WQX Organization Name
  • Your contact information as outlined above

Step 2: Register in CDX Web

After you have sent a request to the STORET Helpdesk for a WQX Web account and a WQX Organization ID, you will receive a message from STORET confirming your request. This message will include information regarding setting up your account within CDX Web, including information about your user name. All user names for CDX Web must follow the convention: firstnamelastname (example "michaeljones"). So when you set up your account with CDX Web, you must follow this convention.

After the confirmation from STORET, you will also receive a message from CDX Web, providing you with directions on accessing the Customer Retrieval Key (CRK) that is mandatory for registering in CDX Web.

Once you have used your CRK to register, you will be able to set up your user account and have access to the WQX Web application.

Step 3: Log into CDX Web and confirm access to WQX Web

CDX Web is located at: https://cdx.epa.gov/. You'll want to confirm that you can log into the tool before submitting data.

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