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STORET logo What's New in STORET ??

Items on this page reflect recent changes or announcements regarding the STORET System. They are organized chronologically, with the most recent announcement at the top.

For further information on any item on this page, contact STORET Support at

October 23, 2002 - STORET Update to Reference Tables Released

STORET User Support is pleased to announce the availability of a significant upgrade to the internal reference tables, focused on the characteristics list. This upgrade is available for download and immediate install as DBFIX011.

The updates to the reference tables are designed to enhance your use of STORET through primarily changes to the characteristics list. Capabilities not previously supported, such as the ability to report non-detects for many physical measurements, are now available. Also with this release are significant new extensions to our internal species list, to enhance the reporting of biological monitoring activities. This release includes all upgrades previously released.

Users who have been storing data on Nitrogen or Phosphorus compounds as nutrients should examine these parts of the list carefully for changes. Many Characteristic names now include the notation "as N" or "as NO3", and similar notations for phosphates, in order to distinguish clearly between these different reporting choices. In some cases, users may wish to modify previously reported results to take advantage of this newer nomenclature.

Select STORET Updates and Downloads from our Home Page for complete information, and to download a copy.

December 17, 2001 - STORET National User Conference Proceedings

STORET User Support is pleased to announce the availability of the notes and Powerpoint slide presentations from our First National Modernized STORET Users Conference, November 2001.

Click here STORET 2001 November Conference Proceedings to browse or download a copy of any or all of them.

November 2, 2001 - STORET Version 1.2 Now Available on CD-ROM

STORET User Support is pleased to announce the availability of Version 1.2 on CD-ROM.

Included with the Version 1.2 CD-ROM are

  • Installation Documentation.
  • Completion installation package for STORET Version 1.2 for Windows(TM) 95/98/me and Windows(TM) NT, including all upgrades previously released.
  • Complete software upgrade package for converting your existing STORET System Software version 1.0 or 1.1 to version 1.2.
  • Complete database upgrades for your existing reference tables to the most current versions.
  • An option for downgrading your Personal Oracle version 8.x to version 7.3.4, for compatibility with STORET.
  • The Adobe Acrobat(TM) Reader version 5.0.
  • STORET Batch File Examples.
  • STORET User Guide and Reference Documentation
  • Many useful scripts and tools for the Oracle DBA to assist with the management of a Client/Server copy of STORET.

To request your copy of STORET Version 1.2 contact STORET Support at

August 13, 2001 - Major database content upgrade.

STORET User Support is pleased to announce the release of a major upgrade to STORET reference data tables, including

  • many new characteristics (substances and taxa)
  • new lab methods
  • new lab sample preparation procedures
  • new literature citations
  • new units of measure
  • new hydrologic unit codes for Alaska
  • proper county codes for United States Territories and island possessions

Visit our updates page for details on how to install this upgrade.

Click HERE for a complete list of available updates.

May 10, 2001 - Legacy Mainframe STORET To Be Decommissioned July 1

STORET Support is saddened to announce the final days of our Legacy Mainframe system. We will "pull the plug" on July 1, 2001.

Originally released in 1964 in the offices of the Public Health Service in Cincinnati, Mainframe STORET has served the water quality community for over 35 years. In that time it grew from a monitoring network of fewer than 800 sites to one with over a million. At its peak, it was processing about 100,000 transactions a week, and had over 1,000 users. Data in STORET have contributed to the environmental effort in America over a longer span than any other database.

Users of the mainframe system at EPA will not lose their User IDs nor access codes, but STORET data will no longer be available on that system. STORET data will be distributed solely through our web-based STORET Legacy Data Center (LDC). You may reach it by returning to our home page (the button at your upper left) and selecting the "Obtaining Water Quality Data" link you will find there.

Please feel free to express comments or concerns through the links above.

Thank you to all our many friends. It has been quite a ride.

March 27, 2001 - STORET Report Module Version 1.2 Released

STORET Support is pleased to announce the release of Version 1.2 of our STORET Report Module.
Packaged on CD-ROM, this upgrade to the STORET Reporting software is available on request to anyone now running the STORET System.
STORET Report Module version 1.2 offers 30 printed reports and 3 file export options, including all reports offered in earlier versions. Report layouts have been improved, and the reports fully validated for completeness and correctness. Version 1.2 sports a new, easier to use interface for report specification, complete on-screen help for all functions, and because it uses the Oracle (TM) Database Reporting Technology, is less vulnerable to changes in the Windows (TM) operating system environment.
The CD-ROM also contains a complete Installation Guide, a User Guide, and a Reference Manual containing (among other things), all the SQL scripting and source code used in the construction of the reports.
Finally, for the benefit of any current STORET clients who have had difficulty downloading or installing the version 1.2 upgrade to our data editing and update software, the CD-ROM also contains complete copies of upgrades FIX005 for Windows 95/98, and FIX006 for Windows NT v4.0, as described on the STORET web site.

To install and use this new package, you must:

  • be able to connect to and logon to an Oracle (TM) environment running the STORET database
  • have a 486 or Pentium-based machine running at 33 MHz or faster
  • 12 MB of RAM minimum, 64 MB recommended
  • a CD-ROM drive (for installation only)
  • 100 MB free hard drive space
  • VGA 640 x 480 minimum, SVGA or XVGA recommended
  • Microsoft (TM) mouse or compatible pointing device
  • Microsoft Windows (TM) 95/98 operating system, or Windows (TM) NT v4.0

To request your copy of STORET Report Module version 1.2, or to obtain assistance on any other STORET matter, contact STORET Support at


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