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STORET/WQX: Tools/ Web Services

Tools/ Web Services

This page links STORET Data Warehouse and WQX users to tools that other data partners or EPA have created.

User Created Tools

User Created Tools include tools that have been created by members of the STORET/ WQX user community for data management, data manipulation, or data use. Click here to view a list of current User Created Tools.

Web Services

What is a web service?

A web service is a computer-to-computer protocol that provides direct access to data in the STORET Warehouse, without needing an authorized database connection. The STORET web services consist of different input parameters and pre-defined output formats.

STORET/WQX Web services

STORET Warehouse / WQX Web services: (pre-defined output formats)

WQX Domain services: *Daily Refresh Cycle* - WQX Domain Values (for data submission)

  • A zip file containing the WQX domain values / List as zipped XML documents. This output of the WQX domain values is real-time accessing the WQX Database. Please refer to the WQX Flow Configuration Document on the Exchange Network WQX site Exit EPA Disclaimer (FCD v2.0, pages 21-22) for additional methods to attain the list of domain values using Exchange Network Services, including time stamped values for last changed date. WQX Web can also be utilized to access the most current WQX domain values in TEXT format.

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