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STORET Warehouse Web Services

EPA works to improve understanding of the linkages between health and drinking water and to investigate water system issues.

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STORET Warehouse SPATIAL Mapping Web Services

The STORET mapping service provides three end points. One mapping service provides access to the raw data in the warehouse (non-indexed - aka no reach/measure) and the other two mapping services provide access to the indexed data stored in WATERS/RAD which is based on a snapshot of data in the warehouse at a particular point in time.

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STORET Warehouse Component Services

The STORET Component service provides dashboards, download (raw data) and summary reports.

STORET Warehouse Partner Services

EPA STORET Has partnered with both federal and state organizations to produce publicly accessible application and services querying the STORET Warehouse repositority.

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Water Quality Research

Water quality research provides the science and tools necessary to develop sustainable solutions to 21st century water resource problems in order to protect human and ecosystem health.

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Water Monitoring

Our nation's waters are monitored by state, federal, and local agencies, universities, dischargers, and volunteers.


Water Tools and Technology

Innovative technologies hold the key to cost-effective timely solutions that minimize adverse environmental effects.

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