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STORET logo STORET Reports version 2.0.2

STORET Reports version 2.0.2 is now ready for download and installation. Reports 2.0.2 is an upgrade to version 2.0.0 distributed earlier on CD-ROM, and includes updates from Reports 2.0.1. This upgrade enhances your existing STORET Reports Module through the addition of several new download reports, improvements in performance, as well as adding other significant new features.



Download RPT_2_0_1.EXE (2.5 MEG) Now

Quit Without Downloading File

You will install the following new reports under the File Exports area of the STORET Report Module:

  • Results Physical/Chemical Small Export
  • Results Physical/Chemical Medium Export
  • Results Physical/Chemical Large Export
  • Results Physical/Chemical Giant Export
  • Results Biological Small Export
  • Results Biological Medium Export
  • Results Biological Large Export
  • Results Biological Giant Export
  • Results Multi-Taxon Population Census Export
  • Results Habitat Assessment Export
Details on the contents of these reports can be found in the Report Module Reference Guide. The report "Result Details" has been removed from the STORET Report Module.

You must have Oracle version 8i (8.1.7)® or higher and STORET Reports version 2.0.0 installed before you can install STORET Reports version 2.0.2.

This download is in the form of a compressed, self-extracting 2.5 MB file, named RPT_2_0_2.EXE. You should place it in a temporary folder, and double-click it to allow it to expand.

It will create a subfolder named "RPT_2_0_2", and will place 11 files in it, including a README file, and a reference guide for the Reports Module in Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF).

You should print and read the README file in this folder, and follow the instructions you find there.

There are two steps to this install, a database modification step which may require the assistance of your Oracle Data Base Administrator (DBA) and a software copying step, which replaces the two files.

Installation of this software takes only a few minutes.

To download this file, click the "Download Now" button at your left. To quit without downloading, click the "CANCEL" button.


Need Help? If you have a question, or are uncertain about this download,
please call STORET User Assistance at 1-800-424-9067,
or send us an email at


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