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Modernized STORET is designed using technology and architecture to carry it into the 21st century. STORET is now a desktop computing system, fully interactive, with on-screen help, running on the Windows® 95/98/NT suite of operating systems. Remotely operated and controlled, STORET bears little resemblance to its mainframe hierarchical beginnings.



Architecture Diagram

Architecture Diagram

Client A

In the above diagram, the workstations shown clustered as "Client A" represent a typical State installation of STORET. At the center of this cluster is a State-owned database server, typically running the UNIX operating system, on which the Oracle® Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) is installed.

Client A implements STORET by installing the STORET Database on this server, in its skeletal form (i.e. empty of monitoring data) from the EPA-supplied CD-ROM, and installing either the STORET "Update and Maintenance" software, or the STORET "Reporting" software, or both, on each desktop computer which will use STORET.

Once STORET Software is installed as needed on the desktop computers, and the database definition is installed on the Oracle® RDBMS engine, State staff may begin to update this copy of STORET with the results of their field work.

Note that no connection to EPA is required for day to day management of STORET data. Once the State completes the STORET installation, they operate STORET independently, controlling access to it and rules for its use from within their organization. This autonomy from EPA is both the largest change from historical STORET usage, and its most desirable feature, in the eyes of many users.

From time to time the State may choose to export an image of their entire STORET database to EPA, for inclusion in EPA's Data Warehouse. While they can mark individual data values as preliminary (not for public release) the bulk of their data then becomes available for the general public to browse and/or download. Export to EPA is not mandatory, and EPA places no requirements on frequency of export.

Client B

The workstations shown clustered as "Client B" represent an alternate installation of STORET. The database server here is operating at a much smaller scale, typically running the Windows NT® operation system. Once again, the Oracle® RDBMS engine is present, and as with Client A, the STORET database definition is installed on this server, and the STORET software is installed on workstations as required. Some workstations are portrayed as portable computers, with dial-up network access to the server. If your network supports dial-up acesss, these users can use STORET from any location.

Client C

STORET is small enough that it can be installed fully on either a portable or a desktop PC which is NOT attached to a network server. This stand-alone STORET installation requires the Personal Oracle® product, which must be acquired separately. EPA's Office of Water can provide financial assistance in the form of a licensed copy of this Personal Oracle® product to qualified applicants.

To implement this stand-alone STORET installation, the user installs everything on his/her PC directly from the CD-ROM, which contains a fully automated installation and setup package. Just insert the STORET CD-ROM in an attached or internal CD-ROM Drive, and the installation will automatically start. Follow the instructions on the screen, and at completion, your PC will contain a STORET database (yours now) and a full suite of software for its update and reporting.

The stand-alone STORET operator has all the functionality of the server-attached STORET user, including the ability to export his/her data to the EPA Data Warehouse, where it will be made available to the general public.

The Public

STORET data in the EPA Data Warehouse may be browsed or downloaded by anyone using a web browser such as Netscape® or Microsoft IE® (Internet Explorer). No user registration is required for this type of access, and with the exception of data marked by its owner as "preliminary", all data in STORET will be freely available to the public.


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