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STORET logo STORET version 2.0.1 Database Views

STORET User Assistance is pleased to release scripts for the creation of STORET version 2.0.1 Database "views" representing key concepts associated with the business of water quality monitoring. A database view is a preformatted SQL instruction which defines a concept by relating it to many fields in the database, drawn from many different database tables. These views define Stations, Station Visits, Monitoring Activities, and Results. Within these views, internal codes and references are translated into their plain English values, and data like latitude and longitude are converted to proper forms which may be easily interpreted by your analytical software.

Through the capabilities of Open Database Connectivity (ODBC), these views make your STORET data appear as formatted tables or worksheets in ODBC compliant spread-sheets, databases, or analytical software. Examples include MS Access®, MS Excel®, Lotus 123®, ESRI ArcView®, and SAS®.


Download STORET_VIEWS_v201.exe (164K) Now

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This download is in the form of a compressed, self-extracting 164K file, named STORET_VIEWS_v201.exe. You should place it in a temporary folder, and double-click it to allow it to expand. In its extracted form, it will consist of a directory named "Storet_views", and subdirectories "Install" and "Docs".

Be sure to read and follow the instructions in the "v2_view_install_notes.pdf" file located in the "Docs" directory.

The "v2_view_install_notes.pdf" file contains complete instructions for installation of this file following its download. Detailed instructions for the DBA to upgrade a server copy of STORET are also included in this "v2_view_install_notes.pdf" file.

Installation of the views takes about 5 minutes, once the file has been downloaded and expanded.

To download this file, click the "Download Now" button at your left. To quit without downloading, click the "CANCEL" button.


Need Help? If you have a question, or are uncertain about this download, please call STORET User Assistance at 1-800-424-9067, or send us an email at


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