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STORET/WQX: [storetinfo] STORET/WQX Listserver

STORET News and Information

For the convenience and support of all STORET/ WQX Users, we have set up a listserver dedicated to Modernized STORET and its companion database, the STORET Legacy Data Center (LDC). Its name is STORETinfo.

A listserver is an Internet feature whereby one posts a message that is received via email by all listserver members. They can respond to you or to the entire listserver membership.

What kinds of things can you put on a listserver?

You can post just about anything related to STORET (Legacy or Modernized) and WQX. You can post:

  • Questions
  • Opinions
  • Announcements
  • Requests
  • Things to share

How do you join the listserver?

One subscribes to STORETinfo via email. Send a blank email to subscribe-storetinfo@lists.epa.gov. Once you have subscribed, you will receive a welcome message confirming your membership.

To unsubscribe to STORETinfo, send another blank email to unsubscribe-storetinfo@lists.epa.gov. The unsubscribe request MUST originate from the email address of the subscriber.

Manage your subscription via the web

The biggest change in the new management server is the ability to access STORETINFO via the web. This means that through the use of a web browser you can read messages, look through old messages, and change preferences about your subscription status.
You may manage your listserver subscription to STORETinfo by linking to EPA Mailing Lists.

For help on using the listserv web interface, link to http://help.lyrishq.net/ Exit EPA Disclaimer

Who's on it now?

The number of subscribers to the listserver as of October 2005 is around 480. Others are welcome to join by using the technique discussed above.

How does one post a message?

Messages are sent by email and you must be subscribed to the listserver in order to post. Send the message to be posted to storetinfo@lists.epa.gov, and it will automatically be sent out as an email message to every member of the STORETinfo listserver.

Happy Communicating!


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