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STORET Result Remark

Note: EPA no longer updates this information, but it may be useful as a reference or resource.

This web site provides query access to over 200 million monitoring records originally reported to EPA via the Legacy STORET System.

Code Description
A Value reported is the mean of two or more determinations.
B Results based upon colony counts outside the acceptable range.
C Calculated. Value stored was not measured directly, but was calculated from other data available.
D Field measurement. Some parameter codes (e.g., 401 "Field pH") imply this condition without this remark.
E Extra sample taken in composting process.
F In the case of species, F indicates Female sex.
G Value reported is the maximum of two or more determinations.
H Value based on field kit determination;results may not be accurate.
I The value reported is less than the practical quantification limit and greater than or equal to the method detection limit.
J Estimated. Value shown is not a result of analytical measurement.
K Off-scale low. Actual value not known, but known to be less than value shown.
L Off-scale high. Actual value not known, but known to be greater than value shown.
M Presence of material verified, but not quantified. Indicates a positive detection, at a level too low to permit accurate quantification. In the case of temperature or oxygen reduction potential, M =a negative value. In the case of species, M=male sex.
N Presumptive evidence of presence of material.
O Sampled for, but analysis lost. Accompanying value is not meaningful for analysis.
P Too numerous to count.
Q Sample held beyond normal holding time.
R Significant rain in the past 48 hours.
S Laboratory test.
T Value reported is less than the criteria of detection.
U Material was analyzed for, but not detected. Value stored is the limit of detection for the process in use. In the case of species, Undetermined sex.
V Indicates the analyte was detected in both the sample and associated method blank.
W Value observed is less than the lowest value reportable under remark "T."
X Value is quasi vertically-integrated sample.
Y Laboratory analysis from unpreserved sample. Data may not be accurate.
Z Too many colonies were present to count (TNTC), the numeric value represents the filtration volume.
$ Calculated by retrieval software. Numerical value was neither measured nor reported to the database, but was calculated from other data available during generation of the retrieval report.

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