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Legacy STORET Level 1

Note: EPA no longer updates this information, but it may be useful as a reference or resource.

This web site provides query access to over 200 million monitoring records originally reported to EPA via the Legacy STORET System.

Name Description
STREAM Station sample from a stream. A naturally occurring, freshwater, free-flowing channeled body of surfacewater, with regular or seasonal flow, that empties into an ocean, lake, reservoir or another stream. Includes rivers.
CANAL Station samples from a canal. An artificial, channeled waterway used for navigation, drainage, land irrigation, etc. Includes drainage ditches.
LAKE Station samples from a lake. An inland body of water, naturally formed. Includes ponds.
RESERV Station samples from a reservoir. A man-made body of water formed by damming or obstructing a stream or river (many "lakes" are actually reservoirs).
SPRING Station samples from a spring. A natural flow of groundwater from the earth, which feeds into a stream or body of water on the surface.
WELL Station samples from a well. An artificial excavation from which groundwater is drawn or through which liquid waste is disposed of by injection.
FWTLND Station samples from a freshwater wetland. A tract of soft, wet land saturated and sometimes partially covered with freshwater(where the water table is at or near the surface of the land)or where the surface is covered by shallow freshwater due to tides.
SWTLND Station samples from a saltwater wetland. A tract of soft, wet land saturated and sometimes partially covered with salt, brackish or estuarine waters or where the surface of the land is covered by shallow saltwater due to tidal conditions.
ESTURY Station samples from an estuary. That part of a river or stream or other natural body of water having un-impaired connection with the open sea, where the sea water is measurably diluted with freshwater derived from land drainage. Includes lagoons, bays.
OCEAN Station samples from an ocean. The open sea.
LND Station is not located within a body of water and samples soil, air, precip,etc.
PIPE Station samples at or within a man-made facility. Includes water supply, wastewater treatment and industrial sites, sewers.

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