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Composite Statistic

Note: EPA no longer updates this information, but it may be useful as a reference or resource.

This web site provides query access to over 200 million monitoring records originally reported to EPA via the Legacy STORET System.

Code Name Performance Type Ind Print Format
A AverageNAVE
H Maximum N MAX
L MinimumN MIN
NNumber of Observations for the SampleNNUM
SStandard Deviation N SD
U Sum of SquaresN SS
VVarianceN VAR
CCoefficient of Error N COF
X Coefficient of VarianceN COV
ESkewnessY SKW
F KurtosisY KUR
Z Number of Samples in Composite Exceeds Established LimitN EXC
%PrecisionY PRE
$Accuracy Y ACC
B None of the Above N  
D Indicates Replicate Sample N REP

STORET Data Access

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