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This web site provides query access to over 200 million monitoring records originally reported to EPA via the Legacy STORET System.


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The History and Future of the STORET System

The STORET Legacy Data Center, or LDC, is an interim relational database that houses data migrated from the Legacy STORET system. The information contained in STORET LDC has been collected from all 50 states, tribal lands, U.S. Territories, and Canada over the past 30 years . This information has played an instrumental role in water pollution prevention and control strategies of federal, state, local, and tribal governments. The STORET LDC is not responsible for the quality of the data. As part of the STORET modernization project, this data has been migrated from the old mainframe application to the LDC. Some of the data will then be migrated to New STORET.

Fulfilling the Goals of the EPA and the Office of Water

The EPA is obligated under the Freedom of Information Act to provide open access to data. This web site helps to accomplish this goal by providing the general public with access to ambient water quality data. Three types of searches can be conducted on the LDC database through the Query page. Downloadable reports can be created in either .HTML, .PDF, or .TXT format. The additional information contained in this Web Site serves to make accessing this data as easy as possible. It is recommended that you consult the Help page for hints on how to navigate this site and definitions of terms used here. If you would like to learn more about the modernization process of STORET, you can find that information on the STORET home page.

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