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This web site provides query access to over 200 million monitoring records originally reported to EPA via the Legacy STORET System.


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Step 1- Station Criteria
Click on the name of the criteria for more information about it in the User Guide.
Station Type: You must select one or more station types in order to submit a query.

Surface Water Ground Water Pipe

You must complete at least one of the following station criteria (other than Station Type).
Organization Code:
You may submit a query for only one Organization at a time.

Station IDs: (requires Organization Code)
Search for stations beginning with a particular term by typing characters into the small box below and pressing the Search button. Multiple stations must be separated by a comma.

  Northern Limit(xxºxx'xx.xxxx")
Western Limit(xxxºxx'xx.xxxx")
  Eastern Limit(xxxºxx'xx.xxxx")
  Southern Limit(xxºxx'xx.xxxx")


County: (requires State Selection) 

Hydrologic Unit Code (HUC):


Step 2: Sample Criteria
Sample criteria are optional.  Please be as specific as possible to limit the scope of your search.
Begin Date (MM-DD-YYYY):  End Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 

Upper Depth: (feet) Lower Depth: (feet)

Sample Type:

Continuous Grab

Step 3: Result Criteria
Result criteria are optional.  Please be as specific as possible to limit the scope of your search.
Result Remark: 

All Remarked All Unremarked

Parameter Codes: (each 5 digit parameter code must be separated with a comma)

Composite Statistic:

Step 4: Submit Form

Once you complete the form, click the Get Report button.

To clear all fields in the form, click the Clear Form button.

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