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STORET/WQX Downloads

This page provides a consolidated group of documents relevant to the evolution of STORET to WQX. It will be updated periodically to provide new materials as the transition progresses.

Download the WQX Chemical/Physical Results schema

Chemical/Physical Results schema
** February 27, 2006 **

An Adobe Acrobat PDF file depicting the draft XML schema that was used for the OWWQX Pilot.

92 KB
Download the Physical Data Model

Physical Data Model
** February 21, 2006 **

An Adobe Acrobat PDF file showing the structure of the draft WQX data model.

44 KB
Download Pilot Handbook

Pilot Handbook
** January 23, 2006 **

An Adobe Acrobat PDF file that describes the methods and data paths used in the OWWQX Pilot.

606 KB
Download Flow Configuration Document

Flow Configuration Document
** October 21, 2005 **

An Adobe Acrobat file with details of data transfer mechanisms used in the OWWQX Pilot.

87 KB
Download Lessons Learned Document  

OWWQX Pilot Lessons Learned Document
** April 7, 2006 **

An Adobe Acrobat PDF file of the Lesson Learned Document resulting from the OWWQX Pilot.

224 KB
Download zip file of WQX data dictionary and lookup tables

The following additional materials are available as a zip file
** Fall, 2005 **

  • WQX data dictionary
  • WQX lookup tables for data elements that require the use of a valid values list

539 KB
Download zip file of WREQC schema documentation

Additional schema documentation
** November 21, 2005 **

A zip file containing schema documentation put together by the Wind River Tribe.

60 KB

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the Adobe PDF files on this page. See EPA's PDF page for more information about getting and using the free Acrobat Reader.


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