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STORET logo STORET Software Upgrade v1.2 Description

STORET version 1.1 had a number of annoying limitations, most of which are fixed in this Software Upgrade v1.2. Please note that this upgrade requires that you be already running version 1.1 before you upgrade, and be sure to choose the form of the upgrade consistent with your workstation operating system.



Listed below is a summary of changes and improvements included in the STORET Software Upgrade version 1.2.

Characteristic Groups can now be created with more than 99 Characteristics. The "Cut/Copy/Paste After" functions will be disabled after 99 Characteristics are chosen. However, selecting a characteristic will no longer clear it from the selection lists (i.e., screens P16, P16A, and P17) and you may select the same characteristic as often as required.

Duplicate checking for characteristics has also been improved. In a Characteristic Group, the Row ID can now be used to make the row unique. In a Result, the Analytical Procedure can now be used to make the row unique.

Prev/Next refers to the functionality associated with the buttons to the right of a list box (i.e., double arrow head up, double arrow head down). Essentially, Prev/Next allows the user the ability to add, view, or change an unlimited number of records. Prev/Next capabilities have been added to the following windows/screens:

  • PJ1 - Project Maintenance List
    (permits viewing an unlimited number of Projects)
  • SV1 - Station Visit Maintenance List
    (permits viewing an unlimited number of Stations)
  • SV4 - Station Visit Station Selection List
    (permits viewing an unlimited number of Station Visits)
  • T1 - Field Trip Maintenance List
    (permits viewing an unlimited number of Trips)

View Size is the number of rows that may be seen using the scroll bar in a given screen. Limitations in view size prevent viewing or editing entries in long lists. For example, the view size for Projects was set to 100 rows in version 1.1, and while you could use the "ADD" function to create over 100 rows, this limit prevented normal maintenance of lists with more than 100 entries.
The number of rows has been globally increased in all areas of the application. Although the change is global, areas such as Personnel, Trips, Station Visits, Characteristic Groups, and Projects were specifically considered. The increase is cumulative with new or existing Prev/Next capabilities. All screens have had the view size increased to 2000 rows with the following exceptions:

  • View Size 10,000
    • FA20 - Field Activity Personnel Assignment (top and bottom)
    • O10 - Program Project Assignment
    • O16 - Personnel Maintenance List
    • O16 - Suspended Personnel List
    • O20 - Personnel Role Maintenance List
    • O21 - Personnel Role Assignment (bottom)
    • OP3 - Operating Period Project Assignment
    • PJ13 - Station Role on Project Maintenance List
    • PJ15 - Project Personnel Maintenance List
    • PJ16 - Project Personnel Assignment
    • QC12 - QC Sample Person Assignment List
    • QC13 - QC Sample Person Assignment (top)
    • SA4 - Personnel Status Maintenance List
    • T4 - Field Trip Project Assignment (top and bottom)
    • T16 - Trip Activity Project Assignment (top and bottom)
  • View Size 4,000
    • P12 - Characteristic Group Maintenance List
    • P14 - Characteristic Group Characteristic Maintenance List
    • P15 - Characteristic Group Taxon Characteristic Maint List
    • P30 - Field Procedure Maintenance List
    • T5 - Field Trip Station Assignment (top)
    • T15 - Trip Activity Project Assignment List
  • View Size 1,000
    • PI1 - Pipe Maintenance List
    • WL1 - Well Maintenance List
  • View Size 200
    • OP6 - Operating Period Characteristic Maintenance List
    • OP7 - Operating Period Result Data Entry (bottom)
    • PJ20 - Project Data Summary List (top and bottom)
    • T1 - Field Trip Maintenance List
    • T17 - Trip Activity Summary List (top)

Miscellaneous system fixes not directed at view list sizes.

Up to 2000 Counties are now displayed for all States.

The Activity Duration and Units fields were being lost/deleted when a user changed or added data to the Sample Collection/Creation Procedures. This no longer occurs. The affected windows are:

  • FA2 - Sample Data Entry
  • FA5 - Composite from Sample Data Entry
  • FA22 - Sample from Sample Data Entry

Container Type pull down lists now show all available choices.

The STORET v1.2 software is intended only as an upgrade from the STORET v1.1 Data Entry Application. You must be using STORET v1.1 to perform this upgrade. If you are unsure about your current version of STORET, check the version number that appears on the M1 Main Menu upon opening STORET.

You are about to perform the steps outlined below:

  1. You will download the self-extracting zip file from the EPA Internet Site to a location you will specify on your receiving computer.
  2. You will run the self-extracting zip file to unzip the upgraded software files, a setup.bat file to continue the installation, and a readme.txt file that provides a summary of the software changes in this upgrade with installation instructions. Note that a new directory will be created named fix005_95 or fix005_nt which contains the unzipped files.
  3. You will run the setup.bat file to copy the upgraded software files to the STORV10 directory. Existing files in the STORV10 directory will be automatically overwritten with the upgraded files.
    Note that copying the files manually will bypass several system checks performed by setup.bat that help ensure a successful installation. Otherwise, manually copying all but the setup.bat and readme.txt files to the STORV10 directory will also perform a successful installation. If manual copying is preferred, perhaps due to using a central database network configuration, then ensure the following checks are true.
    • Has the self-extracting zip file been unzipped?
    • Is STORET v1.1 the current version?
    • Does the platform of Windows 95/98 ® or Windows NT ® match the downloaded file type (i.e., fix005_95 or fix005_nt respectively) from the Internet site?
    • Is the STORET v1.1 Data Entry Application closed?

If you are downloading and unzipping the Windows 95/98 ® version of STORET v1.2 (i.e., fix005_95), a total of 74 files will be unzipped:

  • 72 upgrade files to be copied to the STORET system STORV10 directory
  • 1 setup.bat file to launch the install
  • 1 readme.txt file

If you are downloading and unzipping the Windows NT ® version of STORET v1.2 (i.e., fix005_nt), a total of 85 files will be unzipped:

  • 83 upgrade files will be copied to the STORET system STORV10 directory
  • 1 setup.bat file
  • 1 readme.txt file

During installation a log file (i.e., setup.log) will be created that records the activities performed during execution of setup.bat. The log file may be viewed at the end of the installation, or if an error occurs during the installation.


  • STORET v1.1
  • Windows 95/98 ® or Windows NT ®
  • Approximately 40 megabytes of free space are required to complete the installation.
    Most of this space may be reclaimed after installation.


  1. Start by determining the platform on which STORET is currently installed
    (i.e., Windows 95/98 ® or Windows NT ® ).
  2. Begin downloading the STORET v1.2 Upgrade software by clicking the icon associated with the STORET v1.2 Upgrade.
  3. Click the icon to download the STORET v1.2 Upgrade for the platform you are currently running
    (i.e., Windows 95/98 ® or Windows NT ® ).
  4. Choose a destination for the self-extracting zip file where temporary files should be kept and save the download by selecting the file save options provided by your web browser.
  5. Once downloaded, run the self-extracting zip file. A choice of directory location in which to unzip the files will be provided. Note that a new sub-directory will automatically be created in the chosen location named fix005_95 or fix005_nt that will contain the unzipped upgraded software, setup.bat, and readme.txt files.
  6. Ensure that you do not have the STORET application open. Having the Oracle database running will not affect this installation.
  7. Determine the drive on which your current version of STORET v1.1 is installed. If you are unsure about which drive contains the STORET v1.1 software, search all your connected drives for the STORV10 directory. Once found, identify the drive letter that begins the path. The drive letter will be used in the setup command in the next step.
  8. Run the setup.bat file by clicking Start on the Taskbar. Click on Run. Click on Browse to locate the setup.bat file that was unzipped from the self-extracting fix005_95.exe or fix005_nt.exe file. Setup.bat will be under the fix005_95 or fix005_nt directory.
    Once you locate the "setup.bat" file, highlight it and click on Open.
    The path and the words "setup.bat" should appear in the Run window. In this window, type a space followed by the drive letter you determined in step 7 following the words "setup.bat".
    The text in the window should look like one of the following examples:
    • setup.bat c
    • setup.bat c:
    • setup.bat c:\
    • "g:setup.bat" c:
    • "g:setup.bat c:"
    If quotation marks are around your path and setup.bat file, placement of the space and drive letter may be inside or outside the quotation marks.
  9. The setup.bat will copy the upgraded software files to the STORET system STORV10 directory, then automatically delete the upgraded software files from the fix005_95 or fix005_nt directory, leaving only the self-extracting zip, setup.bat, and readme.txt files.
    Once you have determined that the installation was successful, you may manually delete these three files and the fix005_95 or fix005_nt directory.
  10. If it becomes necessary to uninstall this upgrade and revert to STORET v1.1, you must return to the STORET Web Site and download the uninstall package for fix005.

    Using the STORET v1.1 CD-ROM to recreate, reinstall, or revert to STORET v1.1 will cause problems and should not be attempted.


Need Help? If you have a question, or are uncertain about this download, please call STORET User Assistance at 1-800-424-9067, or send us an email at


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