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STORET/WQX: Warehouse Reports

STORET/WQX Data Warehouse

Data refreshed as of Wednesday August 15, 2013

Warehouse Refresh Cycle:   Weekly - Every Wednesday Night 5:00pm Pacific Time

STORET Warehouse Watershed Summary

To know the HUC codes of your area, use this widget:

STORET/WQX Warehouse Reports

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(Geographic Location - State/County, Latitude/Longitude, Hydrologic Unit, Station Type, etc...)

(Physical/Chemical, Biological, Habitat, Metrics and Indexes Result Data)

Download water-quality data in TXT, tab-delimited text format.


What's New with the STORET Data Warehouse?
This page offers information about the recent changes made to STORET Warehouse.

How to Query and Download Data
This exercise gives step by step instructions on how to generate, download, export (to Microsoft Excel or Access), and analyze a data query from the STORET Data Warehouse as well as the new Watershed Summary.

Make a Map
Create a map of monitoring locations from STORET using either Nitrogen and Phosphorus Pollution Data Access Tool or EnviroMapper for Water or Window to My Enviroment.

Data Logger Results
Download a delimited text file of results reported to STORET from Automated Data Loggers. These results, which cannot yet be downloaded via the query options at the left, will be in the form of a self-extracting compressed file (450K) which may be saved on disk and will expand when executed. In its uncompressed form, this file requires 14.8 MB of disk space.

Data Quality Documentation
Select from among available reports which document the standards, methods, practices, and other metadata supplied by data owners to document the quality of the monitoring results found in the National STORET Data Warehouse.

Stations registered in STORET
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Comments? If you have a question or comments on this website or on the STORET system,
please call STORET User Assistance at 1-800-424-9067,
or send us an email at STORET@epa.gov.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the Adobe PDF files on this page. See EPA's PDF page for more information about getting and using the free Acrobat Reader.

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