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STORET/WQX Downloads

This page provides a consolidated group of documents relevant to the evolution of STORET to WQX. It will be updated periodically to provide new materials as the transition progresses.

Download SRS Names Spreadsheet

SRS Names for Carbon, Nitrogen and Phosphorous Characteristics
** Added October 23, 2006 **

A spreadsheet containing the standardized names for various Carbon, Nitrogen and Phosphorous substances, as determined by the Substance Registry System (SRS). Please note that there are 4 worksheets: Metadata (containing column names and meanings), Carbon, Ammonia Nitrogen, and Phosphorus Phosphate.

34 KB
Download the WQX Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD)

WQX Database Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD)
** Added September 29, 2006 **

A pdf file showing the Entity Relationship Diagram of the WQX database. This diagram represents all data tables, domain value list tables, and transactional tables as well as their relationships for the WQX backend database. This ERD matches the final schema.

136 KB
Download WQX ODS in Access

WQX Database in Access
** Added September 28, 2006 **

A zip file containing the WQX backend database in Access format. This Access file has all tables, including the domain value tables that are in the WQX backend database.

598 KB
Download the Activity Group Examples

Activity Group Examples
** Added September 27, 2006 **

An Adobe Acrobat PDF file showing examples of how to submit Activity Group data through WQX. The Activity Group section of the WQX schema allows users to group together different monitoring activities for reasons such as QC events, grouping results data from the lab with field measurements using Field Sets, grouping samples as Replicates, or grouping parent samples with subsamples. This PDF file walks through each example, showing what an XML submission would look like for each type of grouping.

21 KB
Download the WQX Final schema

WQX Final Schema
** Added September 25, 2006 **

This schema represents the final release of the WQX schema for physical, chemical and fish tissue data. The downloadable schema definition files are dated 9/13/2006. They constitute the final release of the schema (cited before as being available September 30, 2006). The download is a zip file containing the WQX schema (XSD files) broken down by data element group. Also within the zip file is an example XML file that conforms to the WQX schema.

39 KB
Download zip file of WQX data dictionary and lookup tables

WQX Final Schema Data Dictionary and Domain Value Lists
** Added September 25, 2006 **

  • The WQX data dictionary shows the final WQX schema data elements, definitions and business rules.
  • The WQX domain values list are current as of September 13, 2006.

607 KB
Download the final WQX schema changes

Final WQX Schema Changes
** Added August 29, 2006 **

This pdf provides the consolidated list of final WQX schema changes (from the June 2, 2006 version) that will be implemented in the final version of the schema. The final version of the schema will be available September 30, 2006.

1606 KB
Download Flow Configuration Document

WQX Flow Configuration Document
** August 10, 2006 **

An Adobe Acrobat file with details of data transfer mechanisms that will be used for WQX. This document corresponds with the 'Interim' Schema released in June. This document will be updated along with the final schema in September 2006.

87 KB
Download the WQX Outreach Meetings Slides

WQX Outreach Meetings Slides
** Added July 19, 2006 **

Downloadable zip file containing the slides shown at the Future of STORET / WQX Regional Outreach meetings. The slides include: WQX Overview slides, WQX Submission Process slides and Transition Toolbox and Strategies slides

1606 KB
Download the WQX Factsheet

WQX Factsheet
** June 1, 2006 **

An Adobe Acrobat PDF file providing facts about WQX.

1.1 MB
Download Lessons Learned Document  

OWWQX Pilot Lessons Learned Document
** April 7, 2006 **

An Adobe Acrobat PDF file of the Lesson Learned Document resulting from the OWWQX Pilot. This document contains a summary of the pilot and provides a discussion of the key aspects of the data flow such as the schema, the backend ODS, and the parse and load software. Minutes of all the bi-weekly pilot conference calls are also included.

224 KB
Download Pilot Handbook

OWWQX Pilot Handbook
** January 23, 2006 **

An Adobe Acrobat PDF file that describes the methods and data paths used in the OWWQX Pilot.

606 KB
Download zip file of WREQC schema documentation

Additional OWWQX schema documentation
** November 21, 2005 **

A zip file containing schema documentation put together by the Wind River Tribe. This schema documentation does not reflect the most current version of the WQX schema.

60 KB

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the Adobe PDF files on this page. See EPA's PDF page for more information about getting and using the free Acrobat Reader.


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