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STORET Update DBFIX011 consolidates updates to all the reference tables in STORET, and adds considerable new content to several reference tables. DBFIX011 replaces or modifies a total of 30 tables in STORET. Once you have done this update, you will have incorporated all changes made to STORET reference tables from their original release through October 22, 2002.



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STORET Reference Table Update "DBFIX011" will completely replace the reference tables in your copy of STORET. Included in this update are

  • many new characteristics (substances and taxa)
  • new lab methods
  • new lab sample preparation procedures
  • new literature citations
  • new units of measure
  • some renamed hydrologic unit codes
  • proper county codes for United States Territories and island possessions

Users who have been storing data on Nitrogen or Phosphorus compounds as nutrients should examine these parts of the list carefully for changes. Many Characteristic names now include the notation "as N" or "as NO3", and similar notations for phosphates, in order to distinguish clearly between these different reporting choices. In some cases, users may wish to modify previously reported results to take advantage of this newer nomenclature.

This download is in the form of a compressed, self-extracting 1.35 MB file, named DBFIX011.EXE. You should place it in a temporary folder, and double-click it to allow it to expand.

In its extracted form, it will consist of subdirectories named "Setup", "Log", "Backup", and "Install" which will contain all files needed for this update. The "Setup" directory will contain files named "Readme.txt" and "setup.bat".

The "Readme.txt" file contains complete instructions for installation of this file following its download. The "Setup.bat" file should be used to automatically install this fix, provided your installation of the STORET is the stand-alone PC version using Personal Oracle ®. If you are running the client/server form of STORET, this upgrade must be performed by your Oracle Data Base Administrator (DBA). Detailed instructions for the DBA to upgrade a client/server copy of STORET are also included in this "Readme.txt" file.

As installation proceeds, three additional subdirectories are utilized. One, named "Log", contains logs of informative, warning, or error messages produced during the installation. In the event of problems, these logs will assist us in our trouble-shooting efforts. A second, named "Backup", contains a backup of your original reference data tables, and scripts which may be used to reload them onto your copy of STORET in the event of problems. The third, named "Install", consists of scripts which are created and/or modified during the installation as necessary.

Installation of this fix takes fifteen to thirty minutes, once the file has been downloaded and expanded.

To download this file, click the "Download Now" button at your left. To quit without downloading, click the "CANCEL" button.


Need Help? If you have a question, or are uncertain about this download, please call STORET User Assistance at 1-800-424-9067, or send us an email at


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