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Transitioning from WebSIM

As noted previously, for previous WebSIM users, the STORET team will automatically place new WQX Organization IDs in to WQX Web, and users will be able to begin submitting data under these new IDs. For example, if your ORG ID for WebSIM was "NLAKEORG", your new WQX Web ID will be "NLAKEORG_WQX", and you will begin submitting data under this new ID.

Data migration will need to be completed for users transitioning from WebSIM. At a minimum, project and monitoring location information will need to be placed in WQX Web so users can begin supplying new results data. The STORET team will work with users as they make this transition. Please note if you are a previous WebSIM user when requesting a new WQX Web account.

Users that relied on the STORET Data Template for uploading data to WebSIM will need to begin referencing the WQX Web Template for uploading data to WQX Web. There are a few differences between the two templates, as outlined in this document, "Differences between the STORET Template and the WQX Web Template" (PDF 23KB).

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